Sunday 1 August 2021

@SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Foldable Devices Redefine What South African Content Creators Can Do #GalaxyZFlip #GalaxyZFold2

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The launch of Samsung’s first foldable phone in 2019, the Galaxy Fold, heralded a new chapter in smartphone innovation. Since then, Samsung has taken the game even further with the launch of both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold2 – with both devices being wholeheartedly embraced by both experts and customers. This redefinition of what a smartphone can do has also caught the attention of South African influencers who embrace the ability of this new form factor to effortlessly multitask, and seamlessly allow you to switch between working, playing, sharing, and everything in between. This includes:
@SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Foldable Devices Redefine What South African Content Creators Can Do #GalaxyZFlip #GalaxyZFold2
Kendall Aberdeen, known for her minimalistic style and love of beautiful finishes, describes the Galaxy Z Flip as a phone made for her. She was taken by its fashionable design and chose mirror purple as it not only compliments her style but with the front cover display she can tap, and swipe to control her phone, even whilst shut, without disrupting her flow onset. The compact size of the phone was a big appeal to her as it fits both comfortably in one hand and in her purse. She enjoys its many innovative features and versatility, including the ability to take quick selfies whether in flex mode or not
@SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Foldable Devices Redefine What South African Content Creators Can Do #GalaxyZFlip #GalaxyZFold2
Dr Sivuyile Madikana, the enigmatic digital health innovator described the Galaxy Z Fold2 as an organised smartphone that fits perfectly into his lifestyle. He was impressed by the Galaxy Z Fold2’s versatility from answering messages on the front screen, to unfolding it to open up a bigger world to do business and even take gaming to another level. He was equally impressed that whether he needed to quickly answer calls or read articles prior to meetings, the multitasking experience made it easy to get the best of both worlds.
@SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Foldable Devices Redefine What South African Content Creators Can Do #GalaxyZFlip #GalaxyZFold2

Student, Fashion and lifestyle influencer, Sarah Langa pairs her Galaxy Z Fold2 with her Galaxy Buds Pro to flow effortlessly into the myriad of tasks in her day, another benefit of being seamlessly connected to the Galaxy ecosystem. The Galaxy Z Fold2 matches her lifestyle by striking the perfect balance between enhanced productivity and content creation tools. Whether Sarah is in meditating sessions, meetings, class or capturing content on the go this device rises to the challenges of her every day.
@SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Foldable Devices Redefine What South African Content Creators Can Do #GalaxyZFlip #GalaxyZFold2
Known as a Finance Guru, Chipo Ncwana can clearly see how the Galaxy Flip matches his ethos with a gravity-defining design. For him, it’s about flexibility to combine work and play seamlessly armed with a device that is designed for every part of the day. He enjoys the dual-screen feature, which enables him to catch up on his favourite YouTube markets channel while finishing up work and connecting with friends. The Galaxy Flip is a clear fit for his lifestyle.

Along with its famous fans, the Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Galaxy Flip have also been embraced by many in South Africa. These are devices that can adapt our lives and enable powerful multitasking and immersive entertainment. They open up a new world of possibilities. Whether you’re unfolding the main display on our Galaxy Z Fold2 for a tablet-like experience to the game, watch or multitask, or positioning the display on our Galaxy Z Flip at the perfect angle for a hands-free video chat, these are experiences you simply don’t have on any other smartphone.
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