Wednesday 11 July 2018

Product Review - @Solo_NewYork Everyday Max Backpack @Gammatek #EverydaySolo

Hi Friends,

There is always a market for backpacks and laptop bags as they don't last that long whatever age group you belong to. I can still remember, I have changed backpacks every 6-8 months during my engineering that is nearly every semester and during school time every year. Also during MBA studies, I used a messenger bag which my brother bought from Singapore and gifted me. It's in dying or throwaway condition but I have still kept it with me since 11 years after MBA to keep my educational documents secure. 

I was introduced to this amazing new product from Solo New York via Gammatek South Africa which I was totally unaware of. I got this bag for 2 weeks to use it and I only used it on my weekend trip to Badplass, Forever Resorts. The best part of taking this bag was the conversion to duffle bag if not used as a laptop bag or even with a laptop, the same can be used as a weekender bag. 

Product Review - @Solo_NewYork Everyday Max Backpack @Gammatek #EverydaySolo
The first thing, after being unheard of this Solo New York Brand which amazed me was the quality of the construction and the amazing details to make this backpack look amazingly beautiful. From the zips to the handles of the zips, everything was picture perfect and colour combination was something that will inspire you to carry it all along. There are some pictures on my Instagram page for you to check out regarding the bag.

Some of the features of Solo Everyday Max Backpack are -
  • Fully padded 17.3" laptop compartment
  • Internal iPad/tablet pocket
  • Separate Shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag in an upright position keeps shoes and socks separate
  • Large size zippered pockets to keep your extra stuff on the go!
  • Duffle bag zip for opening the bag for easy access to clothes and stuff during weekend travel or otherwise 
The backpack is big being 17.3" laptop bag but the padding is enough to support the weight of the same. I bought a 17" laptop bag from Targus last year but I could feel the difference in the quality on Solo New York once as compared to Targus one. My last backpack was from Google for its employees and it lasted around 8 years (from Singapore to Switzerland to London to South Africa) and it didn't have any brand. Solo Everyday Max Backpack will serve you well too and is available in South Africa. I had to let it go before I could fall in love with it and couldn't live without it but this is one bag where I could place my money without any analysis or experimentation.

Product Review - @Solo_NewYork Everyday Max Backpack @Gammatek #EverydaySolo

The empty bag only weighs 1 kilogram and that saves you with at least 6 kgs to make it your cabin baggage while you travel overseas or local. It can carry your 1 pair of full clothes without any towels but with all your electronics for an overnight trip or general travel as a laptop bag. The bag design is upmarket with charcoal grey and blue combination with the yellow stint at the zippers. The bag is surrounded by handles on three sides to carry it as per your choice and has internal compartments to keep your toiletries separate. The front pocket can easily keep your passport or mouse and charge cables etc.

The only con I could find is that if you are lost in your own world while travelling someone can easily open your duffle bag zipper compartment and take out your expensive Bose headphones or Kindle etc.

I really loved the backpack and will check out more from Solo New York and Gammatek website and buy one someday when I need to travel overseas. You can check them out too!

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