Thursday 26 July 2018

PEPPADEW® – So Much More Than A Piquanté Pepper @Peppadew_ZA #justaddpeppadew

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PEPPADEW® is not just famous for its piquanté pepper. It’s a whole lot more – encompassing a range of products that are always world-class quality, delicious, and ideal additions to a vast array of meal options. The fame of the fabulous PEPPADEW® piquanté pepper that has delighted consumer palates around the world since 1995 has contributed to the conviction that the PEPPADEW® is the piquanté pepper. But PEPPADEW® is the brand – and the PEPPADEW® product range extends way beyond the first sweet and very zesty, little red piquanté pepper.

The PEPPADEW® range incorporates 27 mouth-watering products such as jalapeño variants – hot or mild, slices, cones or halves; mango and vegetable atchars – hot or mild; pickled onions – hot or mild, light or dark; a selection of pasta sauces that includes green pepper and garlic, piquanté pepper and garlic, piquanté pepper and olive, tomato and jalapeño, and tomato and basil; relishes – hot and mild piquanté pepper, jalapeño and ginger, and hamburger; and hot and mild piquanté pepper splash-on™ sauces.
PEPPADEW® – So Much More Than A Piquanté Pepper @Peppadew_ZA #justaddpeppadew
Peppadew and Chicken Powerbowl
The flagship products in the PEPPADEW® offering remain the much-loved range of sweet piquanté pepper products, known for their fresh and crunchy texture, sweet taste, vibrant red colour, excellent quality, and amazing versatility, and include mild and hot, whole, chopped, and slices and the ‘stand at the open fridge and fill your mouth’ sweet piquanté peppers filled with cream cheese.

No day doesn’t deserve a PEPPADEW® zing – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and any in-between snack. From sandwiches, pastasand pizzas, to stews and soups, grilled, fried, or roasted chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork, or game, salads and vegetables, and braais and potjies, the options are endless.
PEPPADEW® – So Much More Than A Piquanté Pepper @Peppadew_ZA #justaddpeppadew
The PEPPADEW® brand has a strong history – from the first cultivation of the piquanté pepper seed in the early 90s in Limpopo, to our global reach in 24 countries today, as well as a powerful legacy of making a difference to the communities within our areas of operation, and to our people, creating job opportunities and partnerships with emerging farmers. We believe that this commitment to the people behind the products adds an extra tastiness to every morsel of PEPPADEW® products.

“PEPPADEW® is passionate about adding a special touch of piquancy and texture to dishes, lifting the humdrum to new culinary heights, and creating accomplished chefs in every kitchen. It’s the PEPPADEW® way – and we will continue to expand our range with exciting new products, and our global footprint with enthusiastic new PEPPADEW® fans,” comments Chef Martin Kobald, Owner of ChefMLK group of companies, Vice President of the World Association of Chefs Societies and PEPPADEW® ambassador.
PEPPADEW® – So Much More Than A Piquanté Pepper @Peppadew_ZA #justaddpeppadew
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