Sunday 15 July 2018

Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA

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With the Samsung Galaxy smartphones over the years, I have always felt that I should do BEG, BORROW or STEAL to stay in touch with these fantastic smartphones from another Universe.  Samsung S9 needed no introduction and last year when I returned my office Samsung S8+, I was so sad and have to buy Galaxy Note 8 to cheer myself up in Jan 2018. But soon afterwards Galaxy S9 was launched with an improved camera and slow-motion videography which I could not master in my little 2 weeks review span due to hectic working hours at the office. 
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Zoom Camera using Samsung Galaxy S9
Coming back to the Galaxy S9 jewel from Samsung Mobiles, this smartphone is equipped with 12 MP dual aperture f1.5, or f2.4 rear camera which has impressive low light capabilities along with slow-mo video capture at 960fps @HD quality and 240fps@fullHD quality and the front camera is 8MP f1.7 AF to take amazing selfies. All the photographs used in this blog posts are made using the Samsung Galaxy S9, and more can be checked on my page. Weighing only 163 grams with 3.5mm headphones jack retained so that AKG earphones that come with the package can be fully utilised for an incredible audio experience. AKG earphones need no introduction too, people have written separate posts on the same, and I too loved them a lot from my S8+ days. Further, I ordered S8+ only due to AKG earphones as I also had a choice to order iPhone 7+ from office budget for myself which was to be retained by the office when I left that position.

Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
What's inside the box?
Galaxy S9 has 4GB RAM, and 64GB model has user memory availability of around 50GB which is expandable via the micro-SD card. At the launch event, many telecom providers were giving 256GB SD card for free with this smartphone. A single slot contains a place for Nano-SIM and a micro-SD card expandable up to 400GB. The phone comes with 3000mAh battery which will last you around 12-13 hours but can be charged faster using the Speed Charger packaged inside the box. A transparent silicon cover to protect the smartphone is also included in the box. 

Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Silhouette Photography using Samsung Galaxy S9
The unique feature of this smartphone is the fantastic form factor with its glass melting into the edges of the phone giving infinite display capabilities. 5.8 inches of sheer viewing pleasure due to Quad HD+ display gives 16M colour depth. The text is more vibrant and brighter, and the colours on the smartphone really look great on its 570ppi display. 
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Selfie using Samsung Galaxy S9 at Forever Resorts Badplaas
Secondly is the capability to bring ARemoji's which is gif's in which you are the main character and are made in several emotions to represents various life situations. It's a fun feature and is very quick to generate the images for you or for someone you love. 
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Aashish Rai #AREmoji using Samsung Galaxy S9
The third feature is the capability to take Slow motion video in low light situations also at 960fps, and you can see what your eyes miss to gather from the motion. This is just like creating those videos which you see in IPL, Football World Cup and Wimbledon which when combined with music brings out the emotions in you. I really loved this slow-motion video capability but could not create one in 2 weeks review span. I did some but it's not up to what storyline I wanted to communicate so will need more time with the smartphone.
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Elsa at Disney On Ice show using Samsung Galaxy S9
The camera has been the main feature of the Galaxy smartphones, and they have really taken out the market of point and shoot cameras. Everyone likes to carry the camera on their smartphones, and every company is making dual or triple or more lenses cameras. With Galaxy S9, I have not used my DSLR camera as I could the same kind of photos with a smartphone and secondly, its much less weight to carry the smartphone. The third benefit can be to immediately share the photos/videos on your social media channels. Live Focus is one feature which will make you leave your DSLR behind as you can change your background blur afterwards or can have the shallow depth of field in photographic terms as per your choice which DSLR doesn't give instantly. The only thing I didn't like in S9 is when you zoom the camera, it brings in a lot of noise even in full sunlight conditions.
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Who is cuter? using Samsung Galaxy S9

Dust and Water resistance has been Galaxy Smartphones features since S5, but this one has the IP68 rating which will enable you to take selfies or photos in the rain. Dolby Atmos is the new three-dimensional surround sound theatre like effect to your new Samsung S9 smartphone. With Samsung smartphones, there are always a series of new features which a user has to identify himself/herself over time, and I really love finding those on my Galaxy Note 8 and earlier loaned S8+ one from office.
Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA
Happy Birthday Aashish on 22nd July using Samsung Galaxy S9
This is one smartphone for which I can go to any edge of beg, borrow or steal. Samsung has always been the frontrunner of technology and looking forward to what they have in store on 9th August 2018 when they launch the Galaxy Note 9 phablet. I am celebrating my 38th birthday on 22nd July, and only wishes that Universe listen to me this year.

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