Monday 9 July 2018

Go Wireless With Snüg @Gammatek #WirelessChargers #Snug

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With Snüg you can now go wireless in your car or your office. No more irritation with tangled cables or trying to plug in your charger and finding that tiny charging port on your device.

“Wireless charging is the way that technology is going for all devices. Our Snüg brand has come to the party with wireless charging that includes office chargers, car chargers and wireless charging power banks” says Zev Cherniak at Gammatek.

With Snüg wireless charging, you can choose from:

· Snüg magnetic wireless charger.
This device can stand on your desk while you work or it can clip to your air vent in your car. The Magnetic design holds your phone in place while charging and is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. You can also mount your phone on this device any way you want with a 360° rotation.

· Snüg Qi Wireless charging power bank.
With this power bank, you are able to charge 2 smartphones simultaneously via USB. It can charge a battery up to 4 times and can do this just by placing your device on top of the power bank.
Go Wireless With Snüg @Gammatek #WirelessChargers #Snug
· Snüg wireless charging plate.
Simply place your device on the plate and charge away. It is 9mm thick and only 69mm in diameter. Power is transmitted from the pad to your device without the use of any physical connector or cable. Charging has never been so convenient!

· Snüg Fast Wireless Desktop Plate Charger
Inspired by Scandinavian design principles to fit precisely and look good doing it. Snüg strikes the perfect balance between form and function, aesthetics and utility. The Snüg Fast Wireless Desktop Charger Plate will charge your device wirelessly, while you work. It is compatible with wireless charging devices only.
Go Wireless With Snüg @Gammatek #WirelessChargers #Snug
· Snüg Mousepad With Wireless Charger
No added clutter on your desk with the Snüg mousepad. Charge your device with ease while you work without cables, plugs or taking up space on your desk. Experience the convenience of wireless charging.

· Snüg Fast Wireless Desktop Charger
This is the ideal wireless charging solution. You can charge your phone up vertically or horizontally depending on how you would like for it to display while you charge. It has a wider charging area than other wireless chargers due to its dual coil and it has an anti-slip pad that ensures stability for when you need to quickly put your phone down and run off. An LED indicator will help for not overcharging and will indicate while charging. Go wireless with Snüg!
Go Wireless With Snüg @Gammatek #WirelessChargers #Snug
The convenience of wireless charging just got better! Snüg products are available at Vodacom 4U, Chatz, Telkom, Incredible connection,,,,

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