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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence

Hi Friends, 

Huawei has been a consistent performer regarding enhancing its technology with collaborations with Leica and many other technology innovation leaders in the smartphone industry. I never expected Leica cameras to be such a powerful enhancer on the Huawei smartphones as I was not able to check out P9/P10 smartphones and only checked out the review unit for Huawei P20 for two weeks now. In such a short span of time, I took around 1500 photos and videos on the review unit and also shared the same on my Twitter and Instagram handles. Coming back to the review and how much fortunate I considered myself to use this fantastic #ArtificialIntelligence enabled smartphone and the Leica Dual Camera on Huawei P20 performance, let's begin the review.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
Saturday Morning Breakfast with friends and family took using Huawei P20

Huawei smartphones are always equipped with their EMUI and on this P20, its version 8.1 which displays incredible HD quality wallpapers which can be set to change automatically on every login. I loved those wallpapers instead of having only one for long. Many such small features are enabled inside all smartphones which takes time to identify and use. I could see that this phone also gives you GPS directions using Google Maps even if the display is off. Also, all Huawei smartphones come with Delacey's - Dream It Possible song which I admire, love and adore. Only thing I didn't like is that you can't copy this song or share it with others.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
Top of Hartbeespoort taken using Huawei P20

The very first thing that you will fall in love with is the back panel of the new P20 smartphone. It's available in a glass-like reflective surface which comes in three colours, and the review unit in Blue looked amazingly beautiful. Purple is also one colour which shines in your hands, and also you can personalise the smartphone by getting the glass etched using laser technology when you buy it at Huawei stores. The smartphone only weights 165 grams and fits very well in your hands.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
At Silverstar Casino taken using Huawei P20

The 5.8" full view display is full HD 1080x2244 and has been brilliant enough to showcase 16.7M colours giving 428ppi. The Huawei P20 device is powered using the Kirin 970 CPU which is octa-core where 4 are Cortex A73 2.36GHz and rest 4 are Cortex A53 1.8GHz. I have played multiple pre-installed games, and the responsiveness is excellent on the device and never faced the problem of device warming. 4GB RAM on the machine is enough to make it multitaskable without any performance issues.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
At Cradle of Humankind taken using Huawei P20

The other feature that stole my heart away for this device is 128 GB memory capacity which will last you long even when you are clicking photos on the go for a month long trip. Though the battery capacity of 3400mAh is not enough if you are using 4G internet on the phone too without switching on the power saving mode. It will then last you less than 12 hours and needs to be charged to keep it going.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
Selfie at home with Rancho took using Huawei P20

The package contains a USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter which means the smartphone doesn't have a headphone jack built-in but provides to still keep your loved headphones in sync with you. The USB-C Earphones that come are average, and you will only use them for calls etc., but they are not for audiophiles tastes for listening pleasures. The charger is supercharge enabled, and the phone quickly charges to 100% in less than an hour using this original charger. The USB-C cable has purple colour on both its ends. The audio is Dolby Atmos-enabled and loud enough to listen to music and videos directly from the device. The USB-C earphones that come with Huawei can also be used with other Type-C devices.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
One of the dishes at Tashas taken using Huawei P20
Now coming to the main feature of the legendary Huawei P20 Artificial Intelligence Photography capabilities. A grand salute or standing ovation before I begin the praise for the same for introducing DSLR photos right in the hands of people who don't need to know any rule of thirds and other photographic jargons. The camera capabilities on this Leica Dual camera smartphone is highly appreciated all around the globe and features 12MP RGB lens and 20MP monochromatic lens on the rear side. The DxOMark photo score for this mobile is 102 which is second highest to date from all the smartphones made which are a feature in itself, and the same smartphone is 3rd best for videography. No wonder this camera smartphone also features super slow-motion video at 960fps. 0.25s recorded in 960 fps Super Slow Motion mode equates to approximately 8s of standard video.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
A low light capture from Sandton Convention Centre taken using Huawei P20
Artificial Intelligence helps the smartphone in multiple ways and the first being to do image stabilisation to take blur-free handheld shots even in low-light conditions using Night mode. Night Mode also balances high-contrast scenes for effortlessly clear, light-balanced snaps in any setting. Secondly, AI helps to identify the scene settings from 19 different categories and automatically adjusts the photo settings to give you the best results possible. Identifiable types include cat, food, group, natural colours, close-up, night shot, text, greenery, portrait, dog, fireworks, blue sky, flowers, stage, document, sunset, snow, waterfall, and beach. I could only take photos for blue sky, greenery, snow, night shot, text, food and portrait in my two weeks with the review unit which are available on my handle. It also colour balances your photography depending on the scene just like the DSLR camera on auto-scene mode to give you the best results. Professional framing is also enabled in the smartphone along with the watermark to write individual text messages in your photographs.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
At RUSH eSports Gaming at Sun Arena Pretoria taken using Huawei P20
Another feature which AI enabled is the translation of any text in any language to English when you travel around the world just by pointing your camera towards the billboard or newspaper or whatever you want to translate. All the photos used in this blog post are taken using the Huawei P20 camera on auto mode. Huawei P20 is one smartphone that will destroy the entry-level DSLR market where you have to purchase separate lenses for prime, telephoto and portrait lenses making it similar in the value as this smartphone with a lot less weight to carry around. If you are a general social media influencer like myself, you don't need anything further to cover the events, post images on twitter, facebook and Instagram and also on your blog.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
At French Toast Koffie Kafee Hartbeespoort taken using Huawei P20

Coming to the never heard feature of front camera of 24.8MP CMOS sensor to take incredible selfies in whatever setting to make vibrant, sharp and dazzling images. Also enabled is the 3D portrait lighting where you can control a host of studio-quality lighting effects to turn quick selfies into striking portraits. Overall, I have fallen in love with Leica Dual Camera AI Huawei P20 Android Smartphone and wishing the best of Huawei P20 Pro with Leica Triple Lens on my 38th birthday on 22nd July this year. I know its a wishful thinking, but you never know as Life is a box of chocolates, and you can always get the better ones in the end.
Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence
Happy Birthday in advance Aashish Rai on 22nd July taken using Huawei P20


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