Saturday 12 May 2018

Would Your Mom be Proud of Your @Uber_RSA Rating? #UberESCAPE #MothersDay

Hi Friends,

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Uber has decided to tweak the celebrations and reconsider the gifting. A mother’s best gift is her kids and what better gift to give a mum, than another reason to be proud, and yes, maybe boast a little! Uber wants all parents to be as proud of their kids, as they are of their riders.

Your Uber rating says a whole lot about you before you even meet your driver, and in this world, first impressions stick. So why not take a few simple steps to improve, boost or just simply maintain the 5-star rider that you know your worth:

Hello… Is it Uber you’re looking for?
Ensure that the pin dropped is where you need your driver-partner to pick you up. This will allow your Uber driver-partner to easily pick you up on time, because an adult game of hide-and-seek, isn’t a valid excuse for being late to a meeting.

Say my name, say my name
Next, it’s a greeting, because besides being an icebreaker, it’s the first step in creating a conversation and introducing yourself ensure that it’s the right Uber you are getting into. Don’t forget to also check the license plate number and vehicle color on your app before getting in.

All settled in and buckled up? Okay then, the journey has begun. An Uber driver-partner understands that sometimes you need to make those last minute changes to a presentation before your meeting, so rather select a playlist that you both like and the driver-partner can enjoy in silence. However, if you aren’t busy working, Uber encourages you to engage with the driver-partner. Most drivers would love a conversation that isn’t just made from song lyrics as it makes the drive feel shorter and more pleasant. To help with this, why not check out the driver-partner profile, for some fun similarities and conversation starters?
Would Your Mom be Proud of Your @Uber_RSA rating? #UberESCAPE #MothersDay
What is mine is yours
Driver-partners take great care and pride to ensure that the vehicle you are traveling in is both pristine and of quality, so they give you the best experience. So please ensure that you would treat their vehicle like you would your own. You can’t a mess and expect to be treated like an A-lister. Treat your driver’s vehicle like it’s your own. Driver-partners often use their own vehicles, so please do your best to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition when you get out as it was when you got in.

Ready or not, here Uber comes
Time is money, and at Uber, that’s the currency we use, so please do be mindful of your driver-partners time. If you’re requesting for a group of friends, gather up your crew before requesting.

Lastly, it’s all about respect, because mama ain’t raise no disrespectful child. Before you know it, you are at your destination, and it felt like asking a friend for a favor, rather than requesting an Uber.

And there you have it, these tips should give you a 5-star rating and one your mom will certainly be proud of.

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