Saturday 19 May 2018

7 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Community

Hi Friends, 

A week's worth of posts and then I can relax until the end of this year when I complete 6 Years of The Life's Way. I have learned a lot and now I am applying the learnings from fellow bloggers and influencers. You need to be in the community if you seek any guidance or advice or help or support. These communities grow together and you learn from each other. We are not made in isolation and we can't progress in isolation. We always need to collaborate with several individuals and agencies to let our network grow further. I have been missing a lot on this parameter but now as I have opened my arms, a lot of new opportunities are coming my way this year. 

A lot of efforts are required if you need to collaborate and the first one being disciplined. It means that you need to do what you were supposed to do on a certain date or as promised to the other party. Sometimes in my life, I am too tired to do the same but I have made this a rule of my life, long back that if I have promised something, I will surely do it. Habits are difficult to make but once you make them, they will help you throughout your life. With passing time, as you grow older you become more and more wise and humble and you start to think from other person's perspective too. 

7 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Community
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Life is all about bringing your true potential and realizing your full potential. Mostly in our lives, we are not able to realize our own potential as we might not get suitable mentors or we never sought the guidance of anyone. Communities, if you a part of one, can take this disadvantage away from you as someone will be there to guide and mentor you. As I think of the past and connect the dots, I have been part of Landmark Forum community even before I started writing my blog and it helped me grow by putting me on right trajectory of thinking. It helped me grow myself from a boy to a man who valued his words.

Once I have started valuing my own words, I take time to respond and also say what is required to be said. But when you are in the industry of influencers then you need to constantly say, the same thing again and again to several people which might be boring to you but the other person will have a different reaction. You don't need to bring in a new topic of discussion in a single evening but the same talk with each and everyone present but make sure that the same person is never there in your conversations else he will find it boring to hell. I don't know how much benefit it will bring to you but I will definitely try out the same strategy at one of the next events I attend. Till that time...


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