Friday 4 May 2018

#Funko Making Its Mark at #Fancon2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon

Hi Friends, 

It was Friday, the 27th of April and Gammatek was getting ready for Fancon 2018!  Geeks and collectors alike have been awaiting the arrival of fancon 2018 all year.  This year generated even more excitement as Funko will be at the show showcasing their collectibles. Funko collectibles have taken the market by storm and people love their favorite superheroes in Funko Avatar. 
#Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
On Saturday morning, from early the fans and Cosplay junkies formed a long queue in front of the doors to be opened at 10am.  The excitement was in the air and none of the fans knew what to expect from this year’s event.  #Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
When the doors opened at 10am, the fans flooded the event floor and were met by big blue letters, FUNKO, right at the start of the expo!  A new queue formed at the Funko stand, brought to us by Gammatek, with anxious fans eager to get their favourite Funko collectible before the Chase units and rare collectibles are all gone! There were also 3 exclusive Funko collectibles that were only available at Fancon 2018, which added to the Frenzy!  
#Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
The exclusives were special editions of King Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, Maleficent diamond edition and Dryden Foss from the new Star Wars release: SOLO.
#Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
The price of the Funko POPs was R249 and then there were also special units like the Hulk Buster from Avengers: Infinity War for R399.  If you were not too big of a collector but still wanted a little piece of Funko, there was Mystery minis, Pintsize heroes and pens for sale as well.
#Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
The Funko store was flooded with fans and collectors for the entire duration of the event and some fans were still browsing after the show ended at 6pm on Sunday evening as they wanted to have one more look to make sure that they did not miss anything!
 #Funko Making Its Mark at Fancon 2018 @Gammatek @FanConComicCon
Funko sponsored prizes all around, for all the events taking place during Fancon. There was a Cosplay competition for the best outfit, a Geek quiz competition for all the diehard fans and 2 selfie competitions running from the Funko stand namely: a selfie competition for fans to stand a chance to win one of our Exclusive Fancon Funko collectibles and a chance for the cosplayers to win their own character.  All fans were delighted and the stand was crawling with characters taking their perfect picture to enter!


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