Monday 7 May 2018

Movie Review - @Avengers: Infinity War #AvengersInfinityWar @SterKinekor @TheMallofAfrica #MARVEL

Hi Friends, 

On Thursday, 26th 2018 I was invited to see the much-awaited movie @SterKinekor @TheMallofAfrica for the 830pm show (Screen 1) in Johannesburg. I was waiting for the movie and without having seen any of the YouTube review or news relating the movie. I have only watched the 2 trailers of the movie released on Youtube. I was sure that I wanted to see the movie, from the first trailer itself but my luck will work out like this was not known to me. This I am saying because the last year's Superhero movies, I have seen them with a lot of delays when I am the only one sitting in the theatres literally. If you can, believe me, I could not even finish my popcorns as I didn't want to waste my time in chewing as I was sitting on the edge of the seat for the whole of the movie.

Let's begin with the Infinity War so as the name suggested, it's going to be a WAR and not a battle between any of the two Avengers as showcased in many of the earlier movies. Maybe it was the way to test the public response for the MARVEL brand to check how much they should invest in this movie so that the returns are humungous. And indeed the bet has paid off significantly along with the confidence in the storytelling that the series was working towards from the last 10 years. It all gets connected in this release of the movie, even if you have not understood the earlier ones. But if you want to connect the dots, you need to see all the parts of all the movies produced earlier. 

Movie Review - @Avengers: Infinity War #AvengersInfinityWar @SterKinekor @TheMallofAfrica #MARVEL
The movie is a mixture of Iron Man meets Dr. Strange with the new Spider-Man apprentice under Iron Man. Secondly, Thor series meets Guardians of the Galaxy before transporting Hulk back to Planet Earth where he joins the old Avengers. Thirdly, Black Panther meets Captain America where White Wolf is reunited with the other Avengers and Vision. The movie continues in those three parallel worlds along with the fourth one for Thanos who travels from one universe to other to meet all these three storylines. This movie is all about Thanos, rest of the superheroes can take a walk till they reunite in the next version of the movie.

The cinematography is awesome and especially the Wakanda scenes really bring the Jo'burg crowd cheering for their favorite superhero. This sets the pace for the climax and even after it all ends and screen goes dark, no one wanted to leave their seats. I too was waiting for the next part to be shown immediately after this one as I didn't felt satisfied enough to leave for home. It kept me hanging there in the theatre to see more of the movie and after the end credits, you see something unique and never introduced earlier in the previous releases.

The focus in the trailers of the movie was to save all the infinity stones from Thanos as he can then just SNAP his fingers and half of the population can just turn into thin air. Thanos is right in his own logic as he tries to save his universe from getting overpopulated as the natural resources are limited. He himself is ready to do all the sacrifices for the better future. How Thanos achieves infinity stones one after the other and how he uses the powers of the earlier captured stones is what this movie is all about? In the end, we all know what will be the end result in the second part of this movie but still, there is a long wait to see how it's done in the movie as compared to the comic books.

Movie Review - @Avengers: Infinity War #AvengersInfinityWar @SterKinekor @TheMallofAfrica #MARVEL

The comic timing of certain characters is superb like Bruce Banner trying to convert into Hulk but couldn't. Rocket and Groot continue to be my favorite characters in this series also with significant scenes. The Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister - Peter Dinklage plays a small role but will remind you that winters are finally here and will keep you occupied till the next version of Avengers series. Wakanda setup will capture everyone's heart and you will want to see Black Panther again in the theatres. New Spiderman is funny and naive and will immediately make a space in your heart.

This version of the movie will make you realize how difficult is it to see your favorite superheroes face the defeat and vanished from the universe into thin air and will make you realize that the life is momentary. Always build your relationships strong as Dr. Strange gives away his Time infinity stone to save the life of Iron Man though they met only just at the start of the movie. Groot continues to do his sacrificing act which captures everyone's heart and touches your soul. Even for once, I felt bad when Loki was getting killed by Thanos but they didn't show the same on the screen. The movie is superb and will be earning Billions of Dollars just from the first part and second part when it releases next year, will be even more successful under the able directorship of Russo Brothers for both the movies. All the characters played by the respective Superheroes are doing well in this movie too. You still fall in love with Black Widow, Ayo, Nakia and Maria Hill.

A big congratulations to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures on the grand success of the movie and to all the celebrated actors in the movie. This is a MARVEL's marvel which will definitely shine in the Hollywood world just like powerful INFINITY STONES. Go see for yourselves in a Ster Kinekor cinema near you, better watch it in IMAX and have 26% more fun with extra screen space!


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