Friday 8 April 2016

The New Standard in #Smartphone #HuaweiMate8 Technology @HuaweiZA

Hi Guys,

The standard for high-spec smartphones was raised when Huawei unveiled its latest top-of-the-range device - the Mate 8 in South Africa. The defining feature of the Mate 8 is its ability to unleash its powerful features without sacrificing battery life. The 4000mAh high-capacity battery provides more than one-and-a-half days of heavy use, nearly two-and-a-half days of regular use and an astounding 22 days' standby time. This allows for 17 hours of continuous HD video, or web navigation for 20 hours. This was the most prevalent feature across all the displays on the experience zone at the launch event. 

“The Mate 8 is evidence that style, processing power and groundbreaking innovation can co-exist in harmony with long battery life,” says Charlene Munilall, General Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group SA. 

The phone’s 6-inch Full HD screen boasts a 1500:1 contrast ratio that delivers a crisp display thanks to the 2,5D diamond cut glass screen encased in a super-slim metallic uni-body that is a mere 7,9mm deep and weighs 185g. Powered by a brand-new Kirin 950 chipset that features TSMC’s 16 nm FinFET Plus chip technology, the octa-core processor is made up of four A72 2.3 GHz cores and four A53 1.8 GHz cores. The phone does feel light weight as compared to Mate 7 launched last year. 

The Mate 8 is the world’s first smartphone to use the latest Cortex-A72 CPU and high-performance Mali-T880 GPU. The revolutionary i5 intelligent processor is the most powerful coprocessor currently available and supports all the functions of a sensor hub as well as speech recognition, low-power consumption, MP3 playback, Fused Location Provider (FLP) navigation, and reduces location-based power consumption by nearly 70%. This feature I need to test once I have the device in my hands but on paper this seems very responsive. 

While close attention to detail is evident in the outer shell, it is the Mate 8’s powerful melding of hardware and software enhancements that really make it shine. I would love to take the device everywhere if I have one. 

“The Mate 8’s industry-leading power efficiency not only has exceptional staying power, but is equipped with rapid charging technology that also allows for a full day’s power to be changed in just 30 minutes. Also, the new chipset delivers significant improvements over the A57 processor, offering 11% better performance, 20% less power consumption and a 30% improvement in energy efficiency,” Munilall says.

The Mate 8 user experience is paramount to the success of a smartphone, and Huawei has incorporated its Knuckle Sense feature into the Mate 8 that takes gesture control to a new level. Apart from simple functions such as taking and sharing screenshots, the Mate 8 features productivity enhancements such as the split-screen mode that supports multitasking.

Similar attention to the user experience is evident in the Mate 8’s camera, which has been built on top of Sony’s IMX 298, 16MP stackable image sensor. This hardware is enhanced by Huawei’s proprietary image sensor processor for faster focusing, higher clarity, and more accurate colour representation.

Image quality is enhanced further with Huawei’s Optical Image Stabilisation technology that uses intelligent light level monitoring and anti-shake technology to create sharp, bright, and detailed images in low-light conditions.

The host of processing power enhancements is the engine that drives Huawei’s redesigned EMUI 4.0 interface that provides its unique user experience on top of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

“This is made possible by Huawei’s proprietary SmartPower technology that optimises the allocation of the phone’s resources, with its 'Heart Beat' smart power-saving feature continuously scanning background apps to reduce their power consumption when not in use. The Mate 8 also features advanced six-layer thermal mechanics that provides higher heat dissipation, leading to an excellent handling experience and lower power consumption,” says Munilall

The Mate 8 has not ignored its primary purpose of connecting its users through an unparalleled voice and data quality. It supports FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000, and CDMA networks for global roaming, and is equipped with a dual SIM slot. The Mate 8 has a built-in HiSilicon RF chip, which supports more channels and bands than any other chip. It can maximally support 5 2G channels/10 3G channels/18 4G channels and 1334 carrier net parameters from 217 countries and areas.

Mobile data connectivity is supported through it ultra-fast Cat 6 4G LTE connectivity that provides download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s.

“We believe that the Mate 8 is a high-end device that not only represents the new style of business but comes with the elegance that is expected of Huawei. The Mate 8 is available in three colours champagne gold, moonlight silver and sky grey with a 32GB and 64GB version of the device,” concludes Munilall.

I am just waiting for the Universe to issue me one #HuaweiMate8 on my name and I will be happy for a while till the time I can say that #8isbetterthan7. 


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