Tuesday 12 April 2016

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2015 www.thelifesway.com

Hi Guys,

April is the first month of the new financial year in India and you have redefine all your Income Tax related documentations along with several new tax saving schemes that you make. The implementation of those schemes is the main agenda for the rest of the year. But last year, my agenda was not tax-saving but was waiting for the Samsung's #MissionSamsung Final challenge to begin. 

1. Product Review - @AramexSA Global Shopper - Part 1 - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/product-review-aramex-global-shopper.html - Last year I got to try this amazing services to shop for online products around the world and then got it couriered back to you in South Africa. The amazing part is that in each of the serviced countries, you will have a local address and can get it shipped there for free from the online companies and then Aramex will collect the whole products and bring it here. Checkout the second part of the series also - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/05/product-review-aramex-global-shopper.html

2. MERCEDES-BENZ #BOKEH Fashion Film Festival, Cape Town - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/mercedes-benz-bokeh-fashion-film.html - Mercedes Benz Fashion Film Festival always launches in April firstly in Cape Town and around 1-2 months later in Johannesburg. I am thankful to brands to always invite me to the launch event in Johannesburg and I got to click some amazing photographs which I generally share on my instagram channel. 

3. Last year, for the first time on my blog I tried regular posts on my blog with scheduling content for the whole week and it really saw some increase in the pageviews. The content was mainly for Disney movies as Avengers - Age of Ultron was scheduled to release in South Africa - 

#StarWars - Everywhere the Force will be with you! - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/starwars-everywhere-force-will-be-with.html

#AvengersJozi #Smile #Joburg - Hollywood came looking! - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/avengersjozi-smile-joburg-hollywood.html

#StarWars I - The Phantom Menace - Facts #DisneyAfrica

#StarWars II - Attack Of The Clones - Facts #DisneyAfrica http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/starwars-ii-attack-of-clones-facts.html

#StarWars III - Revenge of the Sith - Facts #DisneyAfrica

#StarWars IV - A New Hope - Facts #DisneyAfrica

#StarWars V - The Empire Strikes Back - Facts #DisneyAfrica

#StarWars VI - Return of the Jedi - Facts #DisneyAfrica

Aashish Rai - #thelifesway #photoyatra #Blogger #Editor

4. Mad Stuff with Rob - Youtube Channel - My daughter used to watch and love Rob tricks to change stuff lying around home into something useful and that can be decorated at home. So when he launched the Youtube channel, I was instantly glued to the amazing content he shared online around the world. I have subscribed to Mad Stuff with Rob Channel on Youtube and try to do the activities he shows with my daughter and family from time to time. 

5. @TanishqJewelry - The Modern Sindoor is for Grooms too! - http://www.thelifesway.com/2015/04/tanishqjewelry-modern-sindoor-is-for.html - I tried out a new bloggers community and got to write a sponsored post for one brand which took a lot of time to confirm on my post. It was a bad service on the community platform so I changed my post for a free publicity for Tanishq which doesn't required any but atleast I was happy that I used my written content.

My blog started to pick up in pageviews due to the regular posts and saw record #15926 pageviews for the first time ever which was subsequently broken next month. 


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