Sunday 10 April 2016

The Perfect Mate (#HuaweiMate8) For The Elegant Professional @HuaweiZA

Hi Guys, 

The latest addition to Huawei’s premier smartphone range, the Mate 8, was unveiled in Fourways on Thursday 7th April 2016. Huawei’s newest smartphone showcased its seamlessly integrated design with an unsurpassed user experience. 
Lynette Magasa, Ryk Neethling, Shaldon Kopman, J Something and Hawa Hyath
Lynette Magasa, Ryk Neethling, Shaldon Kopman, J Something and Hawa Hyath
“The Mate 8 represents the pinnacle of style, innovation and ground-breaking technology that introduces a new style of business,” said Charlene Munilall, General Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group SA. “The Mate 8 has set a new standard in style that transcends its beautifully-crafted exterior to deliver a mobile companion that meets the needs of today’s always-connected and sharing user.”
Charlene Munilall @HuaweiZA
The gorgeous exterior is not all that the Mate 8 has to offer. To do good business, you need an outstanding display. The Mate 8 boasts an impressive 6-inch FHD display, so be prepared for superior graphic quality, higher contrast and up to 95% colour saturation. The device is all about high performance and with a trifecta of the cortex A72, Super Intelligent processor combined with the fastest chipset, all at your fingertips.

Security on the Mate 8 is enhanced even further with the in-built, real-time encryption/decryption that provides protection of all information, while the microSD card lock feature prevents unauthorised access to information stored on this storage device.
J Something - Creative  Director @HuaweiZA #thelifesway
J Something
“One would imagine that this level of power comes at a cost, yet with the Mate 8, Power efficiency has been increased by 70%. That being said, high performance does not have to result in overheating. Together with new mechanical and thermal design technology, the Mate 8 runs fast, while remaining cool. And because of the 4000mAh battery, one can enjoy uninterrupted performance for more than 2 days,” adds Munilall. 

Huawei also announced the appointment of its Mate 8 Ambassadors, namely Lynette Magasa, winner of the Business Woman of the Year and CEO of Boniswa Corporate Solutions, Ryk Neethling, Olympic Gold medalist and entrepreneur, Shaldon Kopman, fashion designer and J Something, Huawei’s Creative Director and Musician.
Shaldon Kopman - Brand Ambassador - Huawei #thelifesway
Shaldon Kopman
“In understanding our South African market we felt that the timing was right to start matching our device and its amazing capabilities to individual South African stories to create relevance that strongly resonates with our people. To achieve this magic, we identified real South African leaders whose values aligned with the passion behind our product.”

“We believe that our ambassadors are the best in their industries and pursue both success and challenges in their respective fields, demonstrating and striving towards Huawei’s shared value of greatness,” says Munilall 
Ryk Neethling - Brand Ambassador - Huawei #thelifesway
Ryk Neethling
“We are proud that we are able to offer our discerning consumers a device that we believe delivers on innovation, style and functionally. The Mate 8 is truly the device that meets the needs of a new style of business,” concludes Munilall.

I am so much looking forward to the device and how this can help me achieve more and become more efficient and to test that is it really #8isbetterthan7


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