Thursday 7 April 2016

@TotalSAfrica StartUpper Of The Year #2016 #TotalStartUpper #Entrepreneurs

Hi Guys,

Total South Africa launched a program name Startupper of the Year last year in October 2015 and invited applications from all over Africa Continent to submit their business ideas. They never knew the money they are investing in this program will change the lives of so many people. They never knew that they will receive 24000 ideas which can have some business potential. Then began the scrutiny to harness the power of those ideas and bringing the best ones to Johanneburg for a detailed weekly workshops to make it possible. The commitment shown by Total to bring forward all these people from all over Africa and giving them a platform to bring their ideas to reality was simply superb. That's not something I am saying but  it was said by one of the top 3 winners of this year's contest. 
Top 3 Winner along with Top 10 Finalists and Total Executives
As they say, Ideas are important but execution can only make it a reality. I am hoping that all these winners are definitely going to inspire thousands and thousands of other people around the world just like the Patron chosen for this program by Total. Mr. Siyabulela Xuza, MD Galactic Energy Ventures & Startupper Challenge Patron himself got inspired by an aeroplane flying over his village in South Africa. He started at a very young age learning and experimenting with chemistry from her mother's kitchen and went on to study at Harvard University in United States. At  just near 27 years of age, he has achieved something we can't achieve in our lifetimes. 
Winner - Bathabile Mpofu had some tears of joy and winning!
I had the privilege of attending both the launch event and Awards ceremony and I could feel the difference from a nervous start worrying about whether this program will be successful or not to a satisfied soul which was happy to bring change to the top chosen winners and others among the top 10 ideas coming from all parts of the country. 
The Grand finale was held at Hyatt Regency, Rosebank which is right in the heart of the Johannesburg city and the venue, food, decor and hospitality was amazing. It was great evening of fun, laughter and some dreams getting fulfilled and each one has inspiration to take home from the event. 
The energy level of all the top executives (Ms. Dolly Mokgatle Chairman TSA Board; Mr Christian Des Closiere MD & CEO, TSA & Vice President, Southern Africa; Mr. Momar Nguer, Senior VP, AMO and many others) from TOTAL for the this program is simply breathtaking as they totally believed in the motto of COMMITTED TO BETTER ENERGY and entrepreneurship is that energy which will take Africa forward and bring the best in all of us. 


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