Sunday 1 February 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2014

Hi Guys,

Feb 2014 as work started in full phase at office, I had very less time left for blogging. I tried to review all the headphones I bought or won in many of the contests on twitter/facebook or from Indiblogger meets. In the month of Feb, there are always a lot of Indiblogger and Blogadda contests that happens so I tried my hands in many of them too.

1. Product Review - Sennheiser PX80 On ear Headphones - Sennheiser is one of my most favorite brand of headphones. I always liked their stuff and won these light, portable and awesome headphones on their facebook page in India. This post has been my top post in terms of pageviews at the moment. Check it out! I also reviewed other headphones which I won on Indiblogger Indimeet - Product Review - Sennheiser HD202 II - Over Ear Headphones which I am still using here to watch movies and music.

2. Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 2 / Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 3 / Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 4 - remains my best in terms of natural beauty it showcases. We all are attracted to flowers and I totally loved clicking their photographs. I will start again on this series this month as I got some new photographs clicked on my trip to CapeTown etc.

3. Indiblogger & 5 Star Contest - Condition Serious hai - I loved my sarcastic writing for this contest but I didn't win any contest prizes from Indiblogger. Some of the things I predicted there were very right and it continues to happen all the time in our society.

4. Knowledge is great and so is it's pursuit - Indiblogger & British Council Contest - I wrote about the problems we face if we want to go for higher studies outside the country. I tried to relate the topic with what my brother faced as he wanted to studied abroad way back in 2003. Another failure to win any prizes from Indiblogger in this post also.

5. Product Review - BROTHER - MFC-9140CDN - This was the first time someone sent me something big to review. The post has been a successful on in terms of pageviews and still is in my top 10 posts. Thanks to Brother Printers for sending me the printer.

Feb 2014 was full of hope and new friendships were created as we met new people on the job and I thought to initiate my blog here in South Africa by marketing it well. I tried to remain active on Twitter and other social media channels to increase my visibility.

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