Wednesday 11 February 2015

#MissionSamsung - My Love Affair with #GalaxyNote4 @SamsungSA

Hi Guys,

Sometimes in your life you come across something which completely changes your perception and perspective to live and enjoy life. I was introduced to the #MissionSamsung program which truly brought out my competitive spirit which I thought was lost somewhere in the vicious circle of day to day living.

We live to enjoy our lives and to follow our bliss but then there is something which makes it easy for you to do so. I am inclined towards capturing the moments and whenever I find something unique, I take the picture of it. I do write a lot and think about all the ideas that I can implement on my blog and sometimes I can’t find my diary/pen near me and the idea is lost forever. These days concentration is a scarce commodity and it requires great effort to produce something of quality and within timelines.

I was chosen for the #MissionSamsung Challenge5 to check what I love the most about Samsung Galaxy Note4 and to review it after using it for a week. After having the device for a week, I can surely say in Bollywood dialogue of “Dirty Picture” that Galaxy Note 4 is full of Entertainment, Entertainment and even more Entertainment. What I mean by that and why I am saying so will be the agenda of this post.

Entertaining The Unique Way – We all have mobile phone with smartphones capabilities but Note4 is different. It’s the phablet, a category invented and started by Samsung way back in 2011. Since that time I always desired to have one and as years passed by Samsung continued to notch up the performance & capabilities of these phablets to reach till Galaxy Note 4 which has Octa Core (1.9GHz Quad Core + 1.3GHz Quad Core) processor along with 3GB RAM and branded accessories.

Galaxy Note4 is an niche product in terms of it's build quality and really has some great features which differentiates it from other smartphones. Considering the average consumer, what are the things he wants from the basic phone are voice calling, SMS, messaging apps, video calling and long battery life?
Galaxy Note4 not only has 3220mAh battery to support all its features but also have adaptive fast charger which can really charge your device in less than 100 minutes from zero battery to 100% full. 50% of battery can be charged in nearly half an hour. With load shedding in South Africa, you only get to entertain yourself by either walking in the park or by chatting with your friends or family. But these things are not accessible all the time and we switch to our favorite devices in our pockets and try to be active on social media or finish off some pending posts or office emails.

The Power saving mode converts the phone to Grayscale, a feature which gives you complete functionality but saves a lot of battery drain. The Ultra-Power saving mode gives you access to 6 applications and can go for more than 10 days in standby mode in full battery. The best part is the removable battery so in case you are travelling then can buy another one to keep you going.

Also the memory can be expanded using the microSD card up to 128GB. This can be used to compare between buying a device with built in memory of 128GB as it costs fortune whereas memory cards are cheap and replaceable making Galaxy Note4 a value for money gadget.

S Health with Cigna keeps track of your lifestyle and stress levels. It gives you regular notifications to walk after every one hour of inactivity. Also it can measure your heart beat by using camera flash. This application has a galaxy of its own to keep you in shape and good health.

Entertaining The Work Way - S Pen has been the competitive edge Samsung always had in this category of phablets and now with 2048 pressure sensitivity level, SPen works even more smoother and as close to as our hands can write and do stuff. S Pen works completely as a PC mouse giving a lot more functionality that was not thought of earlier on the smartphones.

I loved every aspect of working with SPen, I shifted from taking my diary for office meeting to taking Note 4 and open the SNote App, make notes and then send the minutes of meetings instantly after the meeting using the exchange server email. Even my bad handwriting looks awesome with S Pen’s Calligraphic font. This is also my personal initiative to save paper as I can’t grow trees myself and it will take ages to grow big, so this is the easiest option I can think of other than reducing carbon footprint by not taking printouts and using mobile e-tickets as passes to concerts, movies and even Table Mountain etc. Photo Note is converting your photo into analogue text and then can add further memos to it using SPen. Pen.Up is an app which can give you motivation of how S Pen can be used creatively and how people around the world are using the same for? I loved this app and felt inspired to see all the drawings created by the talented individuals.

Note 4 have useful and unique multitasking features where you can continuously work on several apps and switch from one to another or can divide the screen between them. This is what Personal computers used to do for us but Note4 has this amazing capability to play video’s while you reply to your emails etc. or got a call and need to note down some message or number its always easy with Galaxy Note4.

Entertaining The Play way – Galaxy Note4 is your best friend when it comes to enriching your life via music or movies. With its 5.7inch AMOLED HD screen having 551ppi giving you picture clarity even better than your large screens HD TV’s. I love watching all my TV series and Youtube videos on my smartphone and wow! When I watched the videos on Note4, I was astonished and tried to finish all my planned content within a span of 7 days while the device is still with me.
The sound is loud and clear and you can play around with the Sound Alive equalizers built in the Note 4 to get your desired sound settings. The device also has 3 mics for directional video recordings along with normal Voice recorder which can do voice memo, interviews and meeting modes to give you edge to refer back to conversations held previously. The best thing is you can use the Sound detector feature of the phone for baby crying and doorbell ring so that you don’t miss your responsibilities while enjoying music at home. You also have option to convert music to mono audio if using a single earphone. Galaxy Note 4 have built-in infrared remote to take control of your other electronic appliances with remote.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rear Camera has 16MP AF OIS which takes extremely great photographs. I found that I no longer need to carry my DSLR and loved the #macro #lowlight snaps in Galaxy Note4. Front camera is 3.7MP with wide selfie mode which can cover 120 degrees of view as compared to normal selfie mode of 90 degrees. Also it can click using the voice commands – Say “Cheese” and counter starts from 3 to click your snaps. Check out more photographs that I clicked on twitter and Instagram for #missionSamsung. Gallery has a feature where it sorts all the photographs clicked or saved from social media to be filtered in terms of People, scenery, documents, food, pets etc. Videos can be shot in full HD quality and the screen shows you how much memory has been taken up by the video at any particular second of recording. This feature enables you to decide which video setting to use in a typical situation of memory running out.
Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is something that will come into your world and then you won’t ever want it to leave your small Galaxy of home and office. For me what stands out is the great 16MP AF OIS camera, fast charging with replaceable battery, wide selfie from front 3.7MP camera, 5.7inch AMOLED HD display and above all S-Pen. Oh man! The device has thousands of hidden features in its android environment (upgradable to Lollipop) which makes this phone productive as well as efficient for which I will need to keep exploring further and write a book to explain all of them in detail.
SPen or Pen - Choice is yours!!!

For me the choice is even simpler, if I win this phone in #MissionSamsung challenge 5, I will stop myself from venturing into any other product or brand as Galaxy Note4 gives me whatever my heart desires and I feel fully Complete and One with it. Thanks to Samsung for making such a niche and awesome gadget and by giving me an opportunity to blog about the same. As the picture says, “A true Love Story never ends…” hoping that mines is one too as I celebrate my 7th Marriage anniversary today and have a seven year itch to fall in love once again with Galaxy Note 4.
Till that time...Cheers!!!

Note- All pictures and screenshots are clicked by me using #GalaxyNote4 camera & when it's in pictures then taken using DSLR camera! This post is a part of Penultimate Challenge for #MissionSamsung bloggers contest!

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