Sunday 1 February 2015

Indiblogger & Quikr NXT – Getting away from Calls

Hi Guys,

Communication has been the key to win battles and wars even before the language was founded by ancient civilizations. For communication to happen there needs to be a Sender, some Information that needs to be passed and a Receiver to accept that making it short for SIR.

Earlier telephones brought our communication as we can speak to anyone and everyone who knows our number or whose number we knew. It was so good to keep twisting those already twisted cables of telephone sets at one prestige corner of our houses. After a while with the advent of mobiles, telephony grew at phenomenal rate as there was a mobile phone in every hand. We could connect using calls or SMS and be reachable all the time unless out of coverage area or phone switched off.

With further technological innovations, we got capable smartphones and free messaging capabilities which used some data on GPRS network and we were instantly connected to our family and friends. Currently the messaging technology is the backbone of any business & social media and Quikr has introduced the same for its online platform to keep buyers and sellers in touch with each other till the time deal is made.

Quikr NXT has all the right capability that will make it instant hit for buyers like me and in case I want to sell something it will really help me too.

The first thing is the instant connection with the seller via chat option as when we call we don’t have much time to negotiate. Sometimes if the other person has got good communication, negotiation and persuasion skills you fail to get to the price of the deal. With chat it gives you a levelled platform as you can think, take your time and then respond. You can chat with multiple buyers in case you are selling something and finally decide whose bid price is right for your stuff. You can also refer back to the chat history to check whose price was right and what options you gave him/her?

The second option is the demand for more photographs of the product. Sometimes in other channels sellers post some online photographs of the new product and fool you saying that it’s in mint condition. If you do the deal and then it turns out to be the wrong stuff, it wastes a lot of time for both buyers as well as sellers. Now we can demand more actual photographs from the sellers of the product in context before making the final decision to buy.

The third thing is to keep your number safe so that no one can misuse your number later. This is one of the biggest problems we face all the time. Our number are captured from social media channels and then used to sell us ULIPs, insurances and credit cards all the time. These days the call centre executives are very rude and comments you in a way to trigger your emotions. On Quikr NXT platform, you can keep your number private and then discuss with the sellers or buyers. It will help you to attract only the serious buyers and not someone who is just looking around for some time pass. 
This is the NXT platform by Quikr in the form of mobile app, mobile & desktop site to make our lives easier and we can get rid of all the extra stuff we have or buy whatever we need at much cheaper prices than the new one. Check out more information at - The photograph used is from the Quikr website for NXT.