Friday 27 February 2015

#MakeItHappen - 4 Apps to Work the Smart Way

Hi Guys,

We live in a world that’s connected and on the go. More and more workplaces are encouraging their employees to work remotely or even work from home. Smartphones like the Lumia 535 keep you productive, even when you’re not at your desk and are value for money devices too. These Windows Phone productivity apps will help you #MakeitHappen on the move:

OneDrive (Free)
Every superhero has an Achilles heel and for workers on the move, it’s needing access to important documents. Thanks to OneDrive cloud storage, you have easy access to docs, images, folders and attachments, no matter from where you are working. You can also organise folders, share important files and pin folders to your start screen.
 Post It Wall Pro (R19.99)
Need to remember to buy milk on the way home? Pop a digital Post It note on to your phone and it’ll remind you. In fact, pop a Post It anywhere on your phone for an instant brain-bump when you need to remember something urgent!

OneNote (Free)
You’re only as good as the notes you take, and OneNote helps you be great! With OneNote you can keep track of your progress, thanks to the check boxes that are integrated into your to-do lists. You can also organise your notes in a way that makes it work for you by using photos, drawing onto your notebooks and customising the format of your notes. OneNote automatically synchronises with OneDrive so you can access your task list wherever you are and allows you to share your notebooks with colleagues, friends, and family for input or co-creation.

TeamViewer (Free)
Need to tap into a machine at the office but you’re miles away from the workstation? That’s why TeamViewer is so handy – it enables users to remotely control Windows, Mac and Linux computers. And now, you can log in via your phone! Great for providing IT support to staff or helping mom connect her printer, TeamViewer turns chores into easy tasks you can manage on the move. Best of all, it’s free.

Microsoft is going ahead with it's strategy to launch a lot of Windows phones in all price ranges and it's marketplace is growing as I write so keep invested in this mobile operating system also. Follow them on twitter  and facebook.


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