Tuesday 17 February 2015

Indiblogger & IDBI Federal - Befikar Life Forever!

Hi Guys,

It's true that we all want to do a lot of things but family responsibilities make us take another path to keep both ends meet. I too am tied up in a lot of responsibilities from time to time which always took an alternate turn which I never wanted in my life. But if someone gives me a choice to do some things without considering about any of the financial liabilities then I definitely can enjoy my life a lot. #BefikarUmarBhar

The top 5 items in my bucket list are

  1. Work in London – My first onsite trip from job was London, UK and I really loved the city and the country. I didn’t want to come back but family wanted me to return and I had to sacrifice my onsite trip in 14 months time. I really want to go back and see the remaining cities I have not seen in UK and also see Europe from there. London has everything a city can offer; you have Indian touch as well as International feeling. It has a lot of cultural heritage as well as great night life.
  2. Full time Blogger & Photographer – If there is no financial liability on me and all my home loan debt is paid off, I would definitely want to focus on my blog and writings. I will build on my dream to become a fashion photographer by becoming an assistant to the top one of the country and learn from them. I can then follow my passion to click those moments which takes your breathe away.
  3. Review latest tech gadgets – I would love to attend events organized world over to launch new technology products and gadgets. I would love to go to all the new product launches and meet a lot of technology geniuses around the world. It will be so awesome to be present in front of CEO’s of top companies as they announce their latest gadgets. Imagining a life of going to all the launches of mobiles, tablets, TV, Cameras and much more stuff.
  4. Vacations on beaches & 7 wonders of the world – I would love to spend every summer from now onwards in one of the best beaches of the world. That ways I will be able to enjoy all the beaches while my body picks up tanning. I would love to see all the 7 Wonders of the World. Seven wonders always attract a lot of people around the world and that’s where I want to start from for all those selfies moments.
  5. Tennis – I love watching Lawn Tennis and would love to see once in a life, all the championships like French Open, US Open, Wimbledon and others than happens every year. I would love to see the Finals in all those matches. I would love to meet Roger Federer in person as I adore him. It won’t be bad at all to see Maria Sharapova live in action. I remember watching Mahesh Bhupati live in action (semi-final mixed doubles match) in Wimbledon way back in 2011 but couldn’t get the tickets to the final day of the event.
Some of the stuff is easy to do but then we can’t do because our focus is required in some other area as well. As when we were kids, our whole focus was on play and while we become teenagers, the whole focus went to studies and clearing entrance exams. While we were doing our engineering, the focus was on learning and getting a job after that. Once we join the job, the whole focus was to pay education loan and learn the new skills required for the job description. Once you are married, then unlimited responsibilities ties you down and you need to focus more on making money all the time to meet your ever increasing expenditures. This is a vicious circle of life which we need to live but in-between we shall take some time off to complete our bucket list and keep adding new stuff to the same.

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