Thursday 24 July 2014

Movie Review - Le Week-End (2014)

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So I’ve just taken a short break from playing my favorite games at this website. Here to write up my review on a great new movie for you.
Le Week-End is a comedy drama movie of a aged couple to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in Paris. The adventures and misadventures forms the part of the story. They repeat things which they did when they were here on their honeymoon. The testing time of life really do separates the couples and makes a lot of issues if they lose out the communication and regular talking to each other. Nick and Meg Burrows return to Paris, the city of their honeymoon, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Designed as a weekend to rediscover some romance in their long-lived marriage, we follow our couple as long-established tensions in their marriage break out in humorous and often painful ways.
Le Week-End is all about living your life once again when you are retiring or near that age. A lot of things happen between your honeymoon and thirty years of life after that. We all need to refresh ourselves from time to time so as to stay stress free and in love. This movie represents the basic living soul of our lives. All of us need love and a partner to share our lives with and when something happens between two of us - it hurts. So communication is the key to solve a lot of problems along with ability to listen to what other is saying too.

This movie is definitely worth a go to relive your dreams to be in Paris once in a lifetime. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan has put a lot of efforts to make this movie worth a watch. This movie will definitely be liked by the senior age groups.

Movie is releasing in Ster Kinekor on 25th Jul 2014. Book your tickets now. More info on twitter and facebook.

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