Friday 4 July 2014

Indiblogger & CarConnect - Experience of the journey

Hi Guys,

Indiblogger is continuously working towards shaping our writing skills for the better and in pursuit of this we came across a new contest with which is a website by Magma FinCorp. Magma Fincorp is really a very active webpage on facebook and twitter and keeps on organizing a lot of contests. Though I have never won on their fb and twitter pages but I know some people who have won from Kolkata side. 

Today on the last day of the contest, I started the process of making an account on CarConnect website and it was really easy as they integrated it with the facebook login. It was quick and almost took less than a minute to be ready to share my own travel experiences.

I quickly shared my experiences from the award winning posts on posted for many contests by Indiblogger and Blogadda but the 5000 word limit really cut down my story. I had to check for some of my modified posts and share them. It was really easy to post the long drive experiences and website was able to store the information very quickly. It took less than 3-4 seconds to show that your story has been put for moderation and will be live soon. 

The problem came when I tried to share the Car Experience and I have FIAT 500 in my mind. I wrote the whole story and there was no drop down for FIAT cars. There is one "TEST" and "OTHERS" category on the website. I tried using OTHERS but it was not able to save my story, shwoing an error to choose the brand, model and varient and I have to choose some random car defined in the package. I chose Ford Figo 1.4. 

Otherwise the website design is really nice and easy to navigate. Also, as you submit more stories and experiences, you get MAGMA badges and goodies like wallets, mugs, keychains, tshirts etc. 

The website also has Car News, New Launches and Compare cars features. You can compare two cars in one go and PDF comparison will be sent to your email with the results in less than 48 hours.You can also share CAR NEWS with the online community.

The website will require more work to have more cars introduced in the drop down and as people put more reviews, it will be an entertaining website for travel as well as car freaks.