Sunday 6 July 2014

Product Review - Griffin PowerJolt Plus Car Charger

Hi Guys,

Some devices has become the necessity for other devices to operate efficiently. We all have these power hungry monster devices with 3G always ON, unlimited video calling facilities which drains the battery sooner or later. As the companies are increasing the battery capacities, so are we increasing the number of apps and games in our devices which needs a lot of power. 

Also, our travel time to offices is definitely increasing with a lot of vehicles on the road and we need some devices which can keep our devices charges as we continue to get full entertainment from those whenever we want. 

Grifffin Technology Inc. has come up with PowerJolt Plus which is a car charger for iPod, iPhone and iPad with an extra power outlet (12V). This device has not the latest lightening connector but the old connector used in several devices e.g. iPhone 4S, iPad3 etc. 

This device offers 10 Watt (2.1A) charge which is quick and safe charging for all APPLE devices in this category. A spare 12 Volt outlet for other devices makes it easy to charge your other devices using usb connector or can be used for cigarette lighter. 

The device was available at PicknPay Hyper at R50 in sale whereas the iStore was selling the same at R250. I bought the device for my iPad so that I can carry the same on my long vacations and office. 

This device comes with 1 year warranty and is made in China. 


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