Sunday 6 July 2014

Indiblogger & Borosil - My Beautiful Attempt at Aaloo Chaat

Hi Guys,

Cooking is an art and a skill which some has and some not. I find myself in the latter category but my mind has the innovation to try unique things at times. In all my life, the best I have been in kitchen is only for making tea or maggi sometimes. I can stay hungry for days and survive on chips and cold drink but never I will enter the kitchen. I only eat food to survive and have unique taste buds which only wants what they like. I can't eat just to eat sake, rather I savor every bit of thing I love to eat. I am never greedy to eat also or jump in friend's lunchboxes if I see some food I wanted to eat. That's my love for food but as Life has it's own ways, I am forced to enter the kitchen and make something for myself using the raw material and resources I have. 

I always loved the Aloo chaat at Nathu Sweets in New Friends Colony, New Delhi with its fried potatoes along with the mint chuntey and masalas all over it. It was the taste I really loved and wanted to create the same for myself. I didn't had all the resources to make the same but I tried it using whatever I had here in my kitchen.

I didn't knew how to boil the potatoes myself and was confused for a while because I saw my wife doing it in microwave and my mom used to boil it in cooker. I asked many of my friends and they told several ways till the time I found the easy way to do the same. I am the laziest fellow ever and will take the shortest route to everything. I boiled the potatoes with fully covering them in water in the pressure cooker till three - four whistles. When the fourth whistle came I was sure I am a winner as potatoes will be ready. 

I let the potatoes cool down and then started the process of peeling and cutting them. I warmed the oil in a fry pan and put some zeera into the same. The potatoes were then fried for some 15-20 minutes in the oil. I thought of putting masalas in the fry pan but thought it would be better if I use Borosil's glassware to mix the masalas with the fried potatoes. I added salt, red chillies, chaat masala, pani puri masala, amchoor along with tangy tamarind sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Tamarind gives a unique taste to chaat and is the main ingredient because of which I eat chaat a lot. Borosil Glassware helped to evenly distribute masalas to each and every piece of potato slice. I really love the feeling when my tongue feels the magic of the tamarind. 

Though I forgot to purchase the mint and dhaniya leaves to make the green chutney otherwise the taste would have been same as Nathu Sweets's Aaloo chaat. I felt successful after the end results was in my mouth and I loved the delicacy which I just made by myself. I am no good cook but I loved the food which I made with my own hands.This was something I have been missing for a while as I am in this foreign country which is unknown to Indian tastes. It was a perfect tea time snack and really filled me up so as to miss dinner. I had atleast two to three plates of what Nathu Sweets serve so there was no scope I could have dinner. 

It was remarkable at what I wanted to achieve and what I did to do the same was amazingly great (#BeatifulFood). I felt great after eating every single slice of potato and thought of even going to Masterchef in 3-4 years of time.

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