Sunday 6 July 2014

An Android App a day - 31. Snapknock

Hi Guys, 

It's been a while I have blogged about the android apps. My HTC One went through a bad battery phase and has been replaced by a new one by the company. Thanks to HTC! I love HTC as this is my third mobile from their company. 

Snapknock is a upcoming app with facebook collaboration for buying and selling used books, movies and video games and whatever you want to sell. People can bid for your items and you can sell them asap. 

The app is available at -

The company and the app has recently got the back up from Venture Capitalists in Canberra, Australia under GRIFFIN Accelerator program. Check the article at

As they say, early followers makes better leaders and so I am backing this app completely. This app has been developed by a Software Engineer with work experience in Google and Quora, California, USA.


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