Wednesday 16 July 2014

Movie Review - Adult World (2014)

Hi Guys,

Sometimes you need to break away from your comfort zone and then to continue to follow your dreams, you need a lot of perseverance and faith in yourself. Same happens with the character in the movie Adult World which is an American comic drama about a girl's life who wants to be a poet.

As she has no experience of working anywhere other than pursuing her interest to write poems, she got job at an Adult DVD store. This job is far away from what she wanted to do but then she wants to venture herself to follow her dreams. The acting of Emma Roberts is awesome and she creates a lot of laughter on screen. The context of working at porn store is used very subtly and Evan Peters has fully supported his role as the manager of the Adult World. 

The limelight of the movie is the scenes between Emma Roberts and John Cusack as she continuously follow him to learn poetry from him. He is the only living poet whose writing inspires her. There are a lot of good comedy scenes as she gains his trust and becomes his protege.Armando Riesco has also played an important character in the movie which helps Emma choose her path.

The movie has it's own pace which is nice and never leaves you dull for a moment. New york downtown is shown beautifully. Emma Roberts looks beautiful and awesomely cute in all her scenes. The movie is definitely worth a watch whenever you wants to feel happy and uplifts your emotions to continue following your dreams.As mentioned on the posters - When Life Gets hard, RISE to the occasion.

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