Wednesday 21 August 2013

An Android App a day - 6. MXPlayer

Hi Guys, 

MX Player is one of the most advanced movie file format player on your Android smartphones. It has much more features that any other movie player. It has this pinch to zoom feature which can enlarge your overall movie experience to see the details. You can swipe your fingers and many a features will be taken care of like voice, seek, subtitle seek, brightness etc. 

I have been in love with QQ Player but then I tried using this player and really loved some of the features. Though I installed both of them on my smartphone HTC One as sometimes, the things look great in one or the other player. But the choice is completely yours, both the players are equally capable and if you happy with QQ then continue using it and if you feel to change then MX player is one of the best one available in the Google Play market.

App Rating - 4.5/5


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