Saturday 17 August 2013

An Android App a day - 2. Tweetcaster for Twitter

Hi Guys,

If you are very active on twitter and maintains more than one account this app is the most useful one. I found this one very easy to operate with a lot of features.You can copy someone else tweets when participating in some quiz based questions. The hashtags and the handles will come be shown in the ribbon underneath based on the maximum used by you, so it makes it very fast to tweet in FFF types of contests.

Also, you can see the favourite tweets in another tab, also you can see the tweets people have done for that handle and a lot more trends and popular hashtags are shown too. You can zip people, DM people, add a list, search people, see nearby tweeples etc. 

This app is really fast but the only thing, I am unable to see is the snaps shared by people on their timelines. There is not a direct way to see them, if something is there, I have not been able to find the same till now.Also, if you refresh it multiple times, it puts you in a kind of refresh jail which is not the case with Twitter official app. I hope if this is taken care of, this app has way to go.

But overall, I love this app and totally been using the same since Feb 2013 when I had to operate 4-5 twitter accounts as with using this app you can tweet from all your accounts with same content in a single tweet and post the same on facebook also. I have been able to win many twitter contests using this app so I am thankful to the makers of this app a lot. 

I would definitely recommend people to use it and see the same for yourself. 

APP Rating - 4.5/5


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