Monday 19 August 2013

An Android App a day - 4. QQPlayer

Hi Guys,

What made me fall in love with the android smartphones was the ability to play any file format you simply drag and drop into your phone or sd card memory. QQPlayer was one of the many movie players I tried until I finally settled for this one a long time ago. QQPlayer has got good features in it's kitty. Brightness and audio controls can be done with simple swipe of a finger. Refreshing your playlist enables it to search for all the locations for any video's recently added.

QQPlayer plays everything from AVI to MKV. It has really given me freedom to play all the movies/serials on my mobile and carry them to see whenever I am free or traveling. There is also a lock folder where you can hide videos that you don't want anyone to see without providing a password.

Overall, it's a great software and a must for every android smartphone. 

App Rating - 4.5/5 


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