Wednesday 21 August 2013

An Android App a day - 5. DailyHoroscope

Hi Guys,

There are days in our lives when we need some divine interventions or the words of wisdom or hope and we seek this advice from some of the so called guru's who can predict our future. I need this hope all the time and really fall in love with the motivational and hopeful predictions of my sunsign daily on this DAILYHOROSCOPE APP. 

This is a great app if you need daily horoscope for your sun sign. It also has Chinese Horoscope as well as Druid horoscope.It also matches the compatibility between two signs.

Overall, I have been in love with this app from the day I found out that this one is the best among all available on the Google Play store. I have been reading it's daily horoscope since 2010 now.

App Rating - 4.5/5


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