Tuesday 6 August 2013

My Dream - My DSLR - Nikon D600

Hi Guys,

We are all fans of photographing things, nature, architecture, people and animals. Some people have reached pinnacle of success just because of a camera only. They have developed their skills in photography and a little bit of creativity on the field has given them immense sense of achievement and success. Photography is a journey and we all continue to master this skill as and when we have camera in our hands. There has been numerous camera - point & shoot, compact, bridge, DSLR DX & FX etc all around in the world. Irony is people carry their big cameras and use them on automatic mode all the time. I too have been working all my life to have a camera of my own. But due to family responsibilities and no motivation from people around me, I could not buy the DSLR camera of my choice.

Here is my choice of Nikon DSLR and I will try to have the same in this coming year -Nikon D600

I had the pleasure to use the camera on my Khajuraho trip and this one is awesome. Some of the clicks of this camera can be seen in my Khajuraho post. 

Universe, Are you listening?

More info about the camera at www.nikon.co.in Follow them on twitter & facebook
New D610 DSLR has been introduced to replace D600 but this one will really solve many of my photography needs.


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