Friday 16 August 2013

An Android App a day - 1. MobisleNotes

Hi Guys,

Just a random thought came to my mind as I have been using Android mobile since it was first launched by Google in their G1 mobile. I had the luxury to use that mobile and afterwards used Nexus One too till my recent purchase of HTC One. I thought of sharing the best apps I loved them since I always download, try and then delete the apps if not liked them. 

The top of the list contains the MobisleNotes - is a kind of Notepad, TO DO app which gives checklist kind of view. You can get this app from Google play store -

I loved the app a lot because of it's easy design and integration with all the android apps using your email id. You do some changes on one of the android device - may be on tablet and the same will be synced with your mobile phone. This app has really helped me keep the track of all the online & twitter wins. I have used the same to set my goals and books I want to read. It helped me track my expenses too. It's easy to note down some quotes you read somewhere while traveling. 

I really love this app and will really give it a mandatory app for all android smartphone owners. 

APP Ratings - 4.5/5


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