Sunday 11 August 2013

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Hi All, 

Daughters are the angels in the your life because their cute smiles brings you an internal joy that no other thing in this world can. I am too blessed with an angel in my life and she is the hope and fuel of my life.

COMPASSION - My daughter has taught me innumerable things which as adults we tend to forget with time and it's the adaptibility to smile and carry on, no matter what has happened in the past. She leaves me amazed when I see her living in the moment and enjoying herself fully. She quickly adapts to the surroundings and tries to make the best of the same. I still remember when I was in London and she used to live with her grandparents and my wife was working in another city. She quickly readjusted to the place of my parents and when my wife used to visit her every weekend she used to make the best out of those 2 days and one night with her mom. She understood that mom will leave soon and it took her monday/tuesday to come back to normal self but then also she enjoyed herself. It was really tough for us to adjust, but she really did cope up and built herself from there and she was just 1.5 years old.

KINDNESS - Secondly, is her quality to get whatever she wants in the way she want. She will build stories around and will try to make you agree by the way of love, smile and sometimes tears but she will be persistent enough to get the same thing done from you. She will come running to me and will ask, Papa, you love me? I will say, yes. Then she will say that Ok, please get my long forgotten toy out of the storing area as I want to play with the same. Another story, is when her mother was doing some stitching on the sewing machine and she wanted to rotate the wheel of the same, but her mother disagreed, so she ran to her grandmother. She told her that my mom is ruining your sewing machine, kindly take away your machine from her. This expression was just because her mother didn't listen to her and she couldn't rotate the sewing machine wheel.

HONESTY - The third quality is the never ending Curiosity and the ability to question the logic and reasoning to understand the world she lives in. Blessed with great listening skills, she understands everything and asks relevant question and we have to tell her the logic and reason why that is so and why is goes like this? She has build up a whole Dholakpur inside her mind and everything runs from there. She thinks Dholakpur is in Singapore and she has to visit Singapore to see if it's there or not. Till that time, she doesn't believe that it doesn't exist in the real world. Last year, her grandparents went to US and she said that she has not seen US so she wants to go with them next year. My younger brother has a dog there in states, so she said she will personally visit to see if the dog does what my brother tell him to? She will question on anything and everything under the sun and it's our responsibility to give fuel to her imagination and curiosity. She loves to eat Parle-G and asked me once what is the G in Parle-G? And as shown in the TV advt, she asked how the cloth is flowing in the air? She tried to do the same with her mother dupatta but failed till she tried it in front of air coolar installed last month. The spark in her eyes and the happiness of achieving something she wanted really created moments that my family will cherish forever.

Thanks a lot.  
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