Monday 3 June 2013

Connected HUM TUM always

Hi Guys,

As soon as Abhay started advertising of this latest reality show from Zee TV, it caught a lot of eyeballs. HUM TUM has always been a topic which no one could understand. The best book that could ever touch this topic is "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". I was totally glued to understanding the show better and suddenly I checked the tweet from Indiblogger that this show will be launched to bloggers in Mumbai and worldwide as a meet. I felt really proud to be a part of the Indiblogger network. 

Coming back to Connected HUM TUM, it is a real life experience of 6 women who has lived their lives on their own terms obviously as a mother, daughter, student, housewife, working women serving various roles with perfection. In this world where we don't trust ourselves, sharing our lives with million of people makes us vulnerable and does requires a lot of courage. If I think of myself sharing my life on camera, I would not be able to do it. Projecting an image as an actor is easy but showcasing your real life, in your real world home and friends and scenario is really difficult. I really salute the guts of all these six women which were revealed to all of us at the meet.

The show will start on Monday 3 June 2013 and will be broadcasted daily from Monday to Friday.

Why do we feel connected? 
 I think we feel connected to someone as we all go through the same emotions and feelings in this life. The struggle for someone may come in different package but it will come and everyone will be facing the same. When you see someone surviving in that face of problems, you kind of reflect or introspect into yourself and a real life thing you faces comes to mind immediately and so comes emotions that you felt at that moment of time in your life. Our life is based on emotions and feelings which explains why we feel connected. 

I salute the idea of featuring and shooting this amazing series by Zee TV and the serial director Paromita Vohra. I wish the series a lot of TRP and success. I hope that the more I see the episodes daily, more I will miss the lives of these 6 really courageous ladies. Till that time, I hope to live my life with laughter and joy!