Thursday 27 June 2013

Philips Neckband Headphones SHS390

Hi Guys,
Received these great looking headphones from Tradus for the TATA VISTA Click2WIN contest held on their website for 3 months. I always wanted to use headphones supported by the neck. I havn't opened the box yet but will surely test them out soon. These are priced at Rs. 500/- MRP and will be available in the market a lot cheaper. Let's see it's worth the price in coming days.

TATA Motors has been a great company sponsoring many events on facebook and twitter via their multiple pages and handles for different cars.I havn't won anything from them on Twitter but won in many of their facebook contest. The goodies sent by them are simply awesome. This time though they mentioned Sony headsets on the winning page but sent these Philips due to non-availability of the SONY model with TRADUS is what i presume. But I am thankful to receive the same after I won them on 25 Feb 2013 and received these on 26th June. The wait has been for more than 4 months so I hope these headphones turns out to be great.


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