Friday 8 October 2021

Face Masks @AirPopHealth Brings Quality Protection along with Anti-Fogging Ability #AirPop

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AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. Since 2015, and has harnessed filtration science and technology to build high-performance products that deliver unrivalled comfort and breathability for millions of people around the world.

For too many people, wearing a mask is a daily necessity to combat the detrimental effects of air pollution and the threat of dangerous pathogens - from SARS to H1N1 to the flu and now COVID-19 - increasing the need for a barrier of defence for consumers. With that AirPop was born.

Today, we all play a vital role in reducing the spread of Covid-19 through our communities which means choosing an appropriate mask requires that it both fit and filter well to reduce transmission from the airborne particles and droplets that can contain the virus when you breathe in and breathe out.
Face Masks @AirPopHealth Brings Quality Protection along with Anti-Fogging Ability
The AirPop full line of masks is certified by accredited labs to filter >99% of particles and droplets two-ways – inside and outside. They offer the same, highly effective two-way barrier as the best medical and industrial-grade masks, but are specifically engineered for you, the consumer, to be comfortable all day, for all faces, in all environments. There’s finally an option that protects the rest of us and doesn’t divert critical N95s from health and emergency front lines.

AirPop delivers superior performance by solving 3 critical issues: fit, filtration and breathability. The revolutionary design includes a patented seal ensuring a secure fit while the 3D Air Dome allows cool airflow and prevents that “smothered” feeling. The unique combination of 4-layer filter material provides the most effective 2-way barrier against particles and droplets that you can wear with comfort and daily wearability that’s designed for everyday use.

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