Monday 11 October 2021

Always Know Who's Calling with CallApp: Caller ID & Recording @getcallapp #AndroidApp #CallApp

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Smartphones do provide us with unlimited potential to live our life fully depending on how we manage and control the same or does it control us? It's a mutual relationship that can benefit both parties if they trust each other and rely on to take good care of each other. Now smartphones do have a mind of its own but it needs various organs like heart, lungs etc whom we can mark as the smartphone apps which we install as per our needs and area of life we want to bring proficiency and professionalism into. Some of these apps give you certain default functionality which you might want to expand and get more additional functionality so as to control your time, money and efforts spend to manage the same. 

The Google Play Store has millions of apps and so is the case with the Apple iOS and it becomes physically impossible to check out all the apps so you rely on word of mouth or the ratings associated with the platform or the number of people installing and using the app. The more the count of people trusting the app, the better are the chances of you going to try it out. I also came across an app which I was not aware of at all because my use of direct network calls is very limited during the covid times and the whole WhatsApp and Teams calling took a huge plunge. 

As the markets are opening up after the lockdown restrictions are getting lifted after a huge gap of 1.5 years almost, we are starting to receive calls from a lot of telemarketers and SMS to change our funeral to car insurance. Though they mention that the new quote will reduce their premiums and give you better deals than your current ones but it's almost most of the time a huge waste of time. The time that you could spend reading, playing with your kids, relaxing or walking is now spent on answering the call from a number you don't recognize. The human mind is always in a dilemma that to pick up an unknown number or not as it might be an important call or it may be a regular teleprompter call but in the end, we always took a risk to accept the call else our mind lingers on all the possibilities of who would have called you. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview

CallApp is the app in my reference that offers some features which can make my life easier and productive. It is just 30MB to install from the Google Playstore currently and is free to download. The CallApp offers features like Caller ID, Phone number lookup, manages your address book, calls blocker, automatic call recorder, blacklisting numbers and much more fun features too as we explore the app. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
1. Caller ID - CallApp is one of the best caller ID app in the market which instantly recognises the person who is calling on your phone and identifies it against the huge list of people and tells you on screen as to who is calling you even if you have not saved his or her number. You will always know who is calling you which is a great advantage in itself. 

2. Block Spam Calls - The choice is in your hands and a simple swipe on the smartphone screen to disconnect the call if you don't want to listen to the marketing new schemes from the agencies or if someone is trying to harass you. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
3. Insights - CallApp also offers all the insights related to your calling pattern and behaviour so that you become aware of the time spending on the general calls. This is different from the Digital Wellbeing the android smartphones offer as default but more insightful to whom you are calling the most, whose calls you have missed, how many answered and unanswered calls within this week, spam calls, blocked calls, and how the CallApp has helped you to identify the contacts. I have never seen such kind of detailed report in any of the apps earlier ever before. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
4. Call Recorder - You now have the facility to record your calls which you can save in AMR, WAV or MPEG4 formats. You can define your audio source too. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
5. Social Sync - You can connect the app to Facebook for an improved contact list automatically getting updated in case any of your contacts move to a new number. 

6. Location - Based on your location, nearby contacts of restaurants, hotels and public places will be shown to you to make an appointment or booking. 

7. Incognito Call - Now you can have an incognito feature too just like a web-based browser where you can call anyone without revealing yourself. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
8. CallApp+ - There is also an option to upgrade the app to CallApp+ which has the features to identify people on messaging apps too. The premium features can be bought at the cost of around R265 one time only or an annual subscription can also be bought at around R20 per month. The benefits of the premium version are no advertisements, premium support, identify messages too, backup all your files, advanced blocking, who viewed your profile, unlimited call recordings without any space limitations, all personal insights and so much more. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
9. Fun Features - You can get some great benefits as you refer 20 of your friends to start using CallApp, you earn 20 points once all your 20 friends install the app which enables new fun features at each stage of the app. The features like keypad themes, colour themes, covers, super skins, video ringtones, and the prized possession of getting CallApp+ free for a year or so once you reach 20 references stage which is a great fun way to share with added benefits. It can also tell you which of your friends is celebrating his or her birthday today so that you can wish them personally via call. There is a whole store built-in into the app to choose your video ringtone, super skins from landscapes to dragons, marine life, textures, callman, patterns etc. The covers also can be assigned to the most used contacts for faster identifications. Some of these items come as default for free and as you invite more people, you get access to a lot of new ones. Colour themes do the same thing without any picture though in the background if you love the minimalist look of your contacts. Then there are keypad themes that make your dial-pad looks fun. 
Let's Checkout The CallApp: Caller ID & Recording #AndroidApp #AppsReview
10. Call Reminder - It will remind you of all those calls which our wife or family tells us to make and somehow during the course of the day, we miss it. The app has a feature to remind you of all those events that are important in your life to do. It asks for whom you want to make calls to and you can set the time when you want to make the call. It gives you the option to schedule it in the calendar app or in CallApp directly. 
Always Know Who's Calling with CallApp: Caller ID & Recording @getcallapp #AndroidApp #AppsReview
In the end, all these make my day to day experience of using my smartphone better with a lot of colours and brings me insights as to how much time is spent talking to people in general and talking to my parents, cousins, and close family members to keep them closer to my heart, mind and soul. I would highly recommend you using the app and the link to join the same on your Android smartphones is Let me know your experience having installed the same? 

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