Monday 25 October 2021

Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider

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Veganism is gaining momentum across the globe as a lifestyle choice, and what better way to celebrate World Vegan Day on 1 November than with one of Loxtonia’s delicious vegan-friendly ciders.

Made with home-grown, 100% freshly pressed and naturally fermented apples, nurtured from orchard to bottle on Loxtonia farm in the Ceres Valley, the Loxtonia range of award-winning ciders has a taste for every palate.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
In addition to being vegan-friendly, the Loxtonia Cidery is a flag bearer for sustainability throughout the cider making process relying entirely on solar power and keeping water usage to a minimum, with zero waste.

From fresh and crispy to more mellow in taste, vegan cider lovers are spoilt for choice. There is even a Non-Alcoholic alternative for non-drinkers.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
Loxtonia Easy Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider delivers a burst of crisp apples with a dry Granny Smith finish.

A blend of the finest apple varieties, the original Loxtonia Crispy Apple Cider is refreshingly fruity with a smooth, crisp finish.

Loxtonia Sparkling Apple Cider is light and refreshing with a lively, bubbly sparkle reminiscent of a fruity Prosecco.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
Loxtonia African Sundowner Cider beautifully balances the sweetness of the apple with the slightly tart fruit of the Baobab tree, Africa’s tree of life.

Loxtonia Blush Apple Cider is a rosé-style crowd-pleaser with delicate floral notes and vibrant bursts of pink apples.

Loxtonia Stone Fruit Apple Cider is a fruity, medium-sweet cider with bursts of bright, fresh peach, nectarine and apple.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
The limited-edition Loxtonia Cherry Apple Cider is lightly sweet, fresh and juicy with bright cherry and crisp apple aromas and a delicately sour tang.

One of the more intriguing ciders in the range is the beer-styled Loxtonia Pale Amber Apple Cider. This well-rounded cider melds into a smooth apple finish.

Delicious to the core, Crispy Apple, Blush and Non-Alcoholic are all low-calorie ciders with just 58 calories per 340ml bottle.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
All Loxtonia ciders come in recyclable glass bottles, are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of preservatives and artificial additives. You will find them at leading outlets countrywide. The Loxtonia tasting room in Ceres is open daily. For bookings, a list of stockists, and online purchases visit, email or call Tel 023-0040930. To stay in the mix, follow @loxtonia_cider on Instagram and Twitter.
Celebrate #WorldVeganDay with @Loxtonia_Cider Range #LoxtoniaCider
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