Friday 8 October 2021

What #TheLifesWay Meant to Me in the Last 9 Years? #9YearsofTheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

The Life's Way name came to me, not by a random thought but took me around a week to finalize various names that got struck from the list of names possible and the ideas given to me by the Universe. I kept going through the list and kept asking myself what my blog is going to represent and what I want it to achieve? 

It all started with an idea to be a part of the Bloggers network named Indiblogger in India and to attend the launch events from various brands from time to time. I was ready to spend the extra time to go and attend all the events I was invited to. It was my curiosity to see and feel what it's like to listen to new technology and products and services and to experience them too. It allowed me to meet people who were not accessible in my day to day living. I can now see and meet the film stars, marketing and PR specialists and various other executives working for the brands. I get to travel to destinations my salary didn't allow me to. I get to eat at the hotels I could only see from outside. That is what The Life's Way started to bring me within the initial months of launching my blog. 

The first event I attended was of Microsoft Office 365 where I also won the cash prize of Rs. 1500 which enabled me to buy the domain as it would cost only around Rs. 600 (USD 10) for a year. My fellow bloggers told me that you should buy a domain and after that, you should print your visiting cards so that it all looks professional and to showcase that you are in this business for a very very long time. 
What #TheLifesWay Meant to Me in the Last 9 Years? #9YearsofTheLifesWay
My second event was for HP Connected Music which was really great as I won the notebook in an after-event post based on my favourite songs. The same came as we shifted to our new home which was my first one in Gurgaon and bought mainly from the dad's contribution to the same. I took a loan and the EMI started soon thereafter leaving me with very less amount of money to take care of my expenses. I had to find some new opportunities for some onsite trips and work there to get more salary as compared to working in India. 

In the months to come when I was in between getting the visa and interviews for the onsite work, I focussed hard on marketing my brand - TheLife'sWay and travelled wide and far to each and every brand event trying to find contacts. I did cover a lot of ground from April-2013 to Oct-2013 and then on 2nd November 2013, I travelled to South Africa. When I came to Johannesburg, I didn't have any mobile number or data for a certain time before I was back on the network. For that month of November, I didn't go any blog posts. Only posts came in December 2013 as I travelled back to India to meet my brother who visited from the USA during the mandatory holidays in South Africa.

I had to start afresh in South Africa as I was very new here and didn't have a following too specific to the South Africa market. I followed a lot of influencers and brands and retweeted their tweets. I kept sending my blog pitching to a lot of brands but only after the initial struggle, Sony Pictures/Movies SA give me an opportunity to start reviewing their movies via the Sterkinekor Media Reviews platform. Along with that a new bloggers challenge caught my attention from Samsung South Africa which really gave me a dream which I always wanted to achieve. Winning the Samsung Bloggers Challenge coming from a different country with not knowing anyone to be on the national TV was an awesome dream that became reality. It opened so many windows and doors for me. 

For the last 9 Years as will complete on 27-Dec-2021, The Life's Way has given me numerous media invites, numerous goodies bags, numerous gadgets, numerous lunches, dinners and travel experiences and I am so grateful to each and every individual who has interacted with me over the last few years to make me who I am today. The future looks bright for TheLife'sWay as we venture into the Youtube world also and slowly find a way there too. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to TheLife'sWay who has helped me get whatever I wanted, needed or wished and didn't have the might to get it on my own - It's all made possible by TheLife'sWay. THANK YOU!

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