Sunday 24 October 2021

6 Ways to Take Care of Your #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA #FriendsOfFlip

Hi Friends,

As you set up your Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphone, there are some instructions that appear on the screen showing 6 ways to take care of your smartphone and here are the same - 
  • Pressing the screen or the front camera lens with a hard or sharp object such as a pen or fingernail may cause damage such as scratches or dents. 
  • When you fold the phone, make sure there's nothing such as a card, keys or coins.
  • This phone isn't dust resistant. Exposure to small particles such as sand may cause damage. 
  • This phone is water-resistant (IPX8). immersion in any liquid other than freshwaters such as saltwater or alcohol can damage your phone. 
  • Don't remove the protective film on the main screen or apply unapproved films or stickers as doing so can damage your screen. 
  • Your phone contains agents. Keep it away from credit cards, implantable medical devices or other devices that may be affected by magnets. 
Basically, it tells the owners of the smartphone that Galaxy Z Flip 3 is waterproof in fresh water and not dustproof. You shall not do any kind of play with this phone at the sea or near the beach. Be totally aware of any sand particles entering the hinge or any other part of the smartphone. 
6 Ways to Take Care of Your #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA #FriendsOfFlip
Secondly, due to the foldable screen, you shall take care of the device while flipping it so that nothing comes between the two parts of the screen. Also, don't try to install any other protective film other than the one already in place by Samsung. 

Lastly, as the phone has magnets, so place it away from stuff like hotel keys, credit cards or medical devices like pacemakers installed in your heart if any. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is an expensive smartphone so you will need to take great care of the device. Samsung has tried its level best to perfect it by taking care of multiple points in this affordable version of the foldable smartphone but the rest now lies in the hands of the beholder like myself and others who are using this smartphone. 
6 Ways to Take Care of Your #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA #FriendsOfFlip
I am sure I will be able to take good care of this smartphone by buying an external cover from Samsung. I really liked the one in Leather and the same is priced around R999. I will find the same at the nearest Samsung store and buy the same soon enough to protect the outside area of the smartphone too in flipped position. I think Samsung shall provide a basic version of silicon cover when you buy a foldable smartphone like the same but then it will fail the purpose of sustainability because people who will buy such expensive phones will have their own choice of covers installed to reflect their richness or personality. What are your thoughts on this? 

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