Sunday 17 October 2021

Biggest Colour Fashion Trend of 2021: Green & Cream Comes in #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA

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The phone of the future meets the colours of now. With the recent release of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Samsung has ushered in a trendy new era designed with premium foldable smartphones and built with the craftsmanship and flagship innovations Samsung users have come to love and expect. With an eye on the trends that the uber-stylish seek out, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is offered in a range of expressive colours including Cream, which has been named in the being colour palette of 2021 by PPG1. Described as an antidote to an era of cool greys, this cosy neutral beige paint colour palette emulates the feeling of a warm latte on a cool morning or warm sand on a sunny summer day. Beige and cream are in fact perennial favourites in fashion, with fashion heavyweights like Burberry, Valentino and Bottega Veneta using the colours season after season.

A mesmerizing part of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G colour palette is its irresistible green option. First appearing in Spring in Europe, the green colour trend started making an appearance everywhere from Fashion Week to your Instagram feed and breaking up the beiges, blacks, and whites of any given fashionista’s closet. You just have to look to local influencers such as Kiara Kittner, Sarah Langa and Koketso Chipane, who love rocking these eye-catching colours.
Biggest Colour Fashion Trend of 2021: Green & Cream Comes in #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA
Of course, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G transcends and then compliments its expressive colour palette by offering a device for those who want a style that comes with function – a sleek, compact, and pocketable design, enhanced camera features, and a larger Cover Screen built for quick use on the go. Galaxy Z Flip3 5G empowers users to express themselves with expansive colour options, a sleek design, and premium features. With the choice of four trendy colours – Cream, Green, Lavender, and Phantom Black, plus new stylish ring grips and strap cases2 that make it even easier to hold and fold the phone, Galaxy Z Flip3 is a device for true self-expression. Not only future proof in design, but the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s colour options will also continue to be on-trend as PPG has announced that a highly adaptable grey-green colour as the palette of next year. These softer hues blend seamlessly with the device’s lavender option, another soft feel that discovers a boldness on this iconic device. The Phantom Black option will of course transcend any era as effortlessly as that elegant black dress or suit that has a pride of place in any designer wardrobe.
Biggest Colour Fashion Trend of 2021: Green & Cream Comes in #GalaxyZFlip3 @SamsungMobileSA
With this cutting-edge device forms also meets function. The redesigned Cover Screen is now four times larger3 and makes it easier to view notifications and messages without having to open Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Users can keep up with their schedule, check the weather, and monitor their daily step count with new Cover Screen widgets or coordinate the Cover Screen wallpaper with their new Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch4 Classic for a matching look. And with Samsung Pay built directly into the Cover Screen, it’s never been easier to check out on the go at the local coffee shop. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is also crafted to give users the best capability for capturing and sharing memories. Packed with some of our latest flagship camera features, users can take even more stunning selfies hands-free with Flex mode. Or you can keep the device folded and capture a quick photo – and now, even video – right from the Cover Screen using enhanced Quick Shot by double-clicking Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s power key. Plus, scrolling and sharing are super smooth, thanks to its new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate4. On the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G style meets substance in an immersive and entertaining way, as it’s great for relaxing and watching a YouTube vlog or a TV show hands-free. Thanks to its new, upgraded Stereo Speakers with Dolby Atmos®, you get immersive sound with incredible clarity, depth and spatial effects, no matter what you’re watching or listening to. And the new Flex Mode Panel feature makes apps look better and easier to use. When the device is partially folded, Flex Mode Panel gives you new ways to interact with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, offering a more convenient viewing experience by moving the video to the top half of the screen and the show’s controls, like brightness and volume, to the bottom half.

No matter which colour you choose for your Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, it will always make an entrance. It’s the colour of seamless style. Discover more here

2Accessories sold separately.
3Compared to Galaxy Z Fold2.
4According to internal tests and measured by display panel basis. Compared to Galaxy Z Fold2.

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