Friday 30 October 2020

Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice

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Fisher-Price has been the world leader in providing great toys to keep our kids entertained and when they also learn something new, nothing like that. I came across these Linkimals and really love this colourful representation of some 5 not so known animals to kids as generally the books are filled with Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Rhino and Cow etc. The animals chosen by Fisher-Price for this Linkimals range of products is Sloth, Otter, Moose, Hedgehog and Llama. I really appreciate the fact that these were new to me too as earlier in my life, I have never seen toys based on these animals. The basic idea behind these Linkimals is that these toys come with the motto of "We Link, We Sync, We Play and Learn Together". 
Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice
The toy my kids received was Llama - Lights and Colours which teaches Stacking and Colours to kids from 9 months onwards. My little one started saying open open open as soon as he saw what's inside the box delivered by the courier. Stacking was something new to my 2 and half-year-old child and this one really played beautiful songs every time you place or take out these ascending sized plastic doughnuts or rings on the stacking pillar. The stacking exercise really brought fun sounds, lights and encouraging phrases as my son figured out how to drop the rings around their Llama. Also, Llama has more than 25 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases (like Hello; Let's Play; Hello Friends; How are you today?; Peek-a-boo!; Llama; Keep Stacking). 
Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice
Coming to the second function of the toy is Colours. When you press the Llama's head, the kids will get a round of colourful lights and songs including one about colours also. Plus, when Llama recognizes other Linkimals friends, they create a synchronized music and light show! so you can definitely all of them to your collection every season for your kid. So these are the 5 toys in the range and each performing a different learning experience for your kids and babies ages 9 months and older. 
Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice
Sloth - Smooth Moves - R750
Otter - A to Z - 
Moose - Musical - R300
Hedgehog - Happy Shapes - R650
Llama - Lights and Colour - R450 
Koala - Counting - R700 ( I found this on ToysRus Website)  
Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice
All these toys definitely bring about a great learning experience as it engages your baby's developing visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Also, it develops their Curiosity & Wonder as the baby discovers the fun of cause and effect as they press the various button to activate music and lights. The Llama works on 3 AA batteries (included in the package) and has a power on-off along with 2 volume settings to control the audio. 
Introducing #LinkimalsSA Llama - Lights and Colours #FisherPriceSA @FisherPrice

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