Monday 19 October 2020

@HUAWEIza #WatchFIT: Giving You All The Fitness Motivation #FetchYourBody2020

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As we all know, striving to achieve one’s fitness goals can often be filled with frustration, impatience and disappointment. Whether it’s a lack of dedication or motivation, the process is often hindered either by the feeling that we are having to complete these journeys on our own. Naturally, a lot of us do have to embark on these fitness expeditions on our own, as we can’t all afford to pay a personal trainer every week.

While these hurdles can sometimes seem overwhelming, you may want to consider the increasingly popular solution of a smart fitness watch. Recently Huawei launched the brand new HUAWEI WATCH FIT, proving its relentless innovation in the wearable technology space. This latest addition to the company’s product offering is specifically designed to give consumers all the motivation and information they need to excel in their fitness endeavors. 

Everything you need at the touch of a button
The HUAWEI WATCH FIT boasts over 11 professional workout modes that include running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine and rowing machine. It also offers 85 workout modes, including fitness training, dancing, ball games, water sports, winter sports, and extreme sports. These expansive offerings and features give users direct access to information that will assist them in performing optimally in whatever exercise they choose, thereby providing them with unwavering confidence in their daily exercise routines. 
@HUAWEIza #WatchFIT: Giving You All The Fitness Motivation #FetchYourBody2020
Further equipping users with the information they need to succeed, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT is also able to track almost all elements of your health. This is achieved through the device’s smart sensors that can intelligently detect patterns like heart rate, heart rate zone, calories, exercise time and other data during exercise. The device goes even further than that and is able to record your daily activities including steps, medium and high-intensity exercises, and the hours of standing to measure activity level. After that, the device is able to provide a progress chart to encourage user’s to keep active, and keep moving.

Many fitness novices’ biggest fears are injuring themselves by doing exercises incorrectly. In this regard, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT’s animated personal trainer provides you with over 40 different posture demonstrations, empowering you with a visual illustration of the exact form you should be following to avoid any injury or over-exertion. During a workout, the device works just as hard as you do, and compiles accurate health and fitness data, including VO2max, training effect, and recovery time through GPS’ moving speed and HUAWEI TruSeen™4.0. When you have completed your workout, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT generates valuable data, including speed per kilometer and heart rate distribution to help improve future workouts and performance

Optimal recovery with intelligent sleep monitoring 
Sleep is almost as important for your overall health as going for a run or lifting weights. The reason behind this is simple – it ensures your body and muscles are getting sufficient time to recover and you don’t get unwanted side effects like sustained physical fatigue, a lack of motivation, as well as impaired immune system functioning.

Here, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT offers a tool that can assist users in avoiding any of the above-mentioned issues – scientific sleep stage tracking. This feature is achieved through HUAWEI’s TruSleep™ 2.0, which is deeply optimized to track sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration quality and big data analysis to score sleep quality. The device then provides scientific suggestions on how to address the identified sleep issue, such as early waking or light sleep. 

You can purchase the HUAWEI WATCH FIT for just R2,999 on and at the following stores: Huawei Store, Vodacom, MTN, Total Sports, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cape Union Mart, Takealot, Incredible Connection, TFG American Swiss, Sterns, Hirsch’s, Makro (online only), HiStore and Game (online only)

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