Tuesday 13 October 2020

Unboxing @CanonRSA #CANONeosM50 Mirrorless #vLogging Camera #LiveForTheStory

 Hi Friends, 

I have been a die-hard Nikon fan for the most part of my life and never ever I saw towards any of the Canon products and when I came to South Africa 7 years back, I started going to the Canon Roadshow Events every year for the free goodies they used to distribute to the people attending the show. Over the time period, I thought of trying out at least one of the cameras and bought their Canon 100D entry-level DSLR camera (18-55mm kit lens) along with an extra Nifty-Fifty prime Lens (50mm) which really brought a lot of accolades from all my friends in the portraits. Most of them who know me have their photographs on Facebook pages and WhatsApp profile pictures all captured by me. I bought the Canon 100D in a Cyber sale when Dion Wired used to operate in South Africa way back in 2015-16. 

#TheLifesWayReviews Unboxing @CanonRSA #CanonEOSm50 Mirrorless #vLogging Camera #ProductReview

I got this Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera which is my 3rd camera from Canon to start my vLogging side of things and thought it will be easy to do if I have the right resources available with me. Capturing yourself on the camera is the toughest thing as it takes some time to get used to the same and initially you forget what you have to say. I am still getting the hang of things and still not posted even a single video facing the camera to date but soon it will be shared on my youtube channel. The unboxing video is live on my channel in the Hindi language. From no camera of Canon to the third one from the house of Canon, it's been a great journey! 

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