Thursday 1 October 2020

#HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview

Hi Friends, 

I received this Huawei Smartwatch named Huawei Watch GT2e which is a lite version of the Huawei Watch GT2 with reduced cost and some new features to make it available to the masses who wants to wear the smartwatch rather than the bands available in the market from Huawei, Xiaomi or Fitbit and several other brands in the making. 

As this was a review unit so the first thing I did was to take it to water and wash it with soap before starting wearing during these Covid-19 times. I don't think it was sanitized when it was sent to me but maybe it was - I never asked, they never told upfront like other brands. 

#TheLifesWayReviews #HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview
Secondly, I found that the waterproof thing really works nicely and I totally loved the new wallpapers that could be installed on this new smartwatch which is not the case in my old Huawei WatchGT which has limited storage capacity and you can only do certain wallpapers else you need to delete the installed ones. The watch can take 5 ATM water resistance so can work under during swimming in the pool but one thing I observed under the shower was that display used to move to the next screen when droplets fall on the watch thinking that it's a touch of fingers or so. 

#TheLifesWayReviews #HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview
The other thing I liked is that it came with a music player app installed with around 2GB storage  (4GB Overall) capacity to store all the songs I want to listen to and connect them to the Huawei FreeBuds3 I have in my kitty. This is still less than the 4GB I used to have on my Samsung Gear S2 Classic watch but it's the battery is not as powerful as this watch and I only had to recharge it after 10 days using the GPS to track my daily walks too. Even the new ones in Samsung will only last a day or two but I am not sure whereas Huawei claims a battery life of 14 days and I am getting the same on my old Huawei Watch GT still something around 10-11 days. 

The thing I really liked about this smartwatch is the shape of the dial and the glass surrounding the face of the watch. It's really bright and makes your time wearing this watch pleasurable. The 1.39 inch AMOLED 454x454 HD display is great. 

#TheLifesWayReviews #HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview

Also, I really loved that it measures SpO2 which is Blood Oxygen Saturation along with Stress measurement using the Huawei TruRelax technology. Also, the app offers some breathing training to reduce stress. The application is getting more and more features but still far away from Samsung's Health ecosystem where you add other Samsung Watch users and compete against them and also do a monthly activity amongst all the users within your age group and all age groups. 

The thing I didn't like is the irritation that can happen on your hands if you don't take out the watch at all due to the silicon strap (Black Fluoroelastomer) which may or may not suit your skin. I didn't face any such difficulty in my Huawei Watch GT since I started wearing the same in May 2019 and so far I have been wearing without any irritation but on this one, I felt the itch within a week or so. I am definitely sure the watch band is not made of similar material as Watch GT or GT2 or this quality is not suiting my skin type. 

#TheLifesWayReviews #HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview

The thing I didn't like at all is those hundreds of sports and activities mentioned in the watch which basically just measures time played, heart rate and calories burnt, and nothing else. No input of any kind related to that sports is being measured so for me it's more of a marketing gimmick to sell the so-called smartwatch to the first-time users. 

#TheLifesWayReviews #HuaweiWatchGT2e @HuaweiZA Watch - Is it really Smart? #ProductReview

You can definitely go ahead and invest in this lite version of Watch GT2 or in the actual Watch GT2 as per the money you have in your pockets and there is always some or the other sale is going on these devices on the Huawei Store operated by Mustek. 

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