Sunday 23 August 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews - CLASS OF '83 @NetflixSA #Crime #Movie #ClassOf83

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Class of 83 is directed by Atul Sabharwal and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment especially Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Gaurav Verma. Class of 83 is based on the novel The Class of 83 written by S. Hussain Zaidi and published in October 2019. The movie is released on Netflix OTT platform on 21st August 2020. This is their 3rd collaboration after Bard of Blood and Betaal also on the same platform. 

The movie stars Bobby Deol as Vijay Singh who is the Dean of the Police Training Academy in Nashik and has been posted there as a punishment because of his heroic acts to grab the gangsters of the city. He is posted there by the politicians who had collaborations with the Gangsters of the Bombay at that time. He tries to clean the system from inside using his own methodology by recruiting the people and commanding them to directly kill the gangsters and clean their tracks too. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - CLASS OF '83 @NetflixSA #Crime #Movie #ClassOf83
Dean finds 5 people from the bottom of the class of 83 who comes for Police Training and recruits them to work with him to clean the system. This movie is the story of their training, missions, ego and greed as these 5 young recruits go through life. The movie is the story of all these 5 people with each other and played by Bhupendra Jadawat as Pramod Shukla, Hitesh Bhojraj as Vishnu Varde, Ninad Mahajani as Laxman Jadhav, Prithvik Pratap as Janardan Surve and finally Sameer Paranjape as Aslam Khan. The story is narrated in the voice of Aslam Khan and also his point of view to take yours through the story. The story takes a turn when Vijay is re-introduced into the mainstream system to catch and bring back all the 5 of these together again to catch the don he is after. 

Coming to the acting and direction, Bobby Deol looks good in his dean role and as a police inspector too but has only 2 expressions in the whole movie. The others don't get much more chance to other than a scene or two to showcase their talent. The five recruits do showcase some of the good moments as a part of their bonding but the overall plot has nothing to offer as you already know what is going to happen. I have been a fan of all the books written by S. Hussain Zaidi and have read a lot of them on various DONs he has written.

Anup Soni plays the politician Manohar Patkar and Joy Sengupta plays Raghav Desai who plays one of the best friends of Vijay. Also, the movie is shot in this brownish kind of effects and filter to bring back the old era but to me it was irritating. I think it would be great if you would rather watch Ajay Devgn's Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai as there is nothing that comes out of this movie in terms of any historical significant strategies used by the police, only 1 case is able to generate your interest and also one kind of network in terms of Telegrams and Postman's from GPO which is new in this movie. Overall, it's a one-time tiring watch but if you are a fan of Bobby Deol, do watch it! RATING 2.5/5

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