Tuesday 11 August 2020

12 Practical Gifts for Students in 2020 @JetGiftBaskets

Hi Friends, 

You are your own unique person with distinct likes and preferences. Your friends are, too. And we can name a few in-vogue gifts based on current social media trends, and they could probably make you happy for a while. 

But practical gifts for students especially during this time all line up in a particular category – useful and stress-relieving.

Even adults can benefit from this list, but it’s curated for the 2020 student in mind - digital learners keeping up with the new-normal curriculum.

So, if you want to gift a student in your life practical yet thoughtful tools to help them with studying and school, this is the crib sheet they’ll thank you for.

1. Spa Gift Basket
You might ask how a spa gift basket fits this category. But as mentioned earlier, this collection of gifts is not just related to studying but also to the polar opposite which is taking it easy or resting. 
12 Practical Gifts for Students in 2020 @JetGiftBaskets
Because it’s in rest where students can let their minds breathe and gather brand new energy to resume studying.

2. Sleep & Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp
The sound of artificial alarms holds the impression of aversion especially in the early morning when we’re deprived of sweet sleep. 

A light therapy lamp and the sunrise alarm clock will let you smoothly fall asleep with its breathe-function and be woken by natural light which is scientifically proven to improve sleep and wellbeing.

3. AirPods
Most students may already have this, but if your recipient doesn’t have the newer generation yet or have lost them, then this is an apt gift for studying.

Airpods are not only trendy; they’re functional and light to use as well.

4. Tea Maker
Tea is a much healthier option than coffee and will still give them the necessary caffeine they’re craving.

It brews tea quickly, so they don’t have to spend time waiting and be able to enjoy a clean booster for study.

5. UV Smartphone Sanitizer 
It’s a perfect gadget for keeping their phone clean. Although we use our phones for entertainment purposes, most students also use it to keep their school life organized.

A phone sanitizer can kill 99.99% of bacteria, plus it’s handy and timely.

6. Blue Light–Blocking Glasses 
Being in front of the screen for long hours can leave their eyes dry and tired. These glasses filter out short-wavelength blue light emitted by screens.

It reduces digital eye strain and is also light and comfortable to wear.

7. Desk Organizer Set 
The initial step in getting homework done on time is to make sure their desk is organized. A neat space declutters the mind and lets it hyper-focus on the tasks. Gift this to those who are into organizing – or lack thereof.

8. Porter To-Go Bowl 
It’s best to eat with the family at the dinner table. But when you’re cramming for exams, it’s nice to have a delicious bowl of food by your side. They can use this for future travel as well.

9. Sleep Mask
A full night’s rest sets the tone for a productive day in school. It can be challenging to have 8 hours of sleep during exam week but there are tools that can help you achieve it.

Memory foam sleep masks are uniquely shaped to allow free eye movement and completely block out ambient light so students can also get naps in during the day.

10. Blanket Sweatshirt
They’re cozy and comfy, perfect for late-night studying. This also evokes a sense of home and safety for those away from their family. It’s a dorm must-have and also a rest essential wherever your recipient may be.

11. Fitness Activity Tracker
Now, a big part of students’ academic success is their healthy mentality. And part of a healthy mind is staying physically active especially during this time.

Gift something that will give them a deeper connection with their body and empower them to stay on top of their game.

12. The SELF Journal and Planner
This journal is perfect for organizers and high achievers as it encourages productivity. But unlike any other journal, it has a daily progress tracker, gratitude acknowledgement, and motivational quotes. A planner like this will help your giftee cultivate happiness while crushing their goals.

And like all the other gifts above, this will help them maintain the balance between work and play or study and rest. Because it’s important to know when they should keep striving or pause to breathe.

Thankfully, students in this radical time are more conscious than ever, and probably know how these gifts are more like a treat, not just for school, but for their wellbeing.

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