Tuesday 11 August 2020

Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA

Hi Friends,

It was after more than 3 years that I was invited to the launch event of the Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphone. Last time I was invited was to Note 7 launch event in Johannesburg which unfortunately I could not make it in time. So this time when I came to know about the launch event on 5th August, I contacted the PR agency and they gladly put my name for the virtual launch event and also sent me a snack pack to enjoy along with the launch of various products which were 5 in total that day. I also fixed my appointment to see the real products and come face to face with the new technology on the first day of the launch and that really gives you the highest form of adrenaline. This was first for many things in my life in terms of Samsung as it was the first launch event in Covid-19 times that I attended, it was the first time I get to touch the Samsung Galaxy Buds any version whatsoever, it was the first time I went to the Samsung office and it was the first time, I got to have dinner takeaway from Samsung and it was the first time I got to speak to people outside of my home and complex during the past 100+ days. 
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
As I have already shared the features of the Samsung Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live on my social media platforms, this post will mainly be focussed on the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphones. I am a heavy user of Galaxy Note 8 as you already know which I also tag in all my Instagram posts and I bought the same at the birth of my son in January 2018. S-Pen is something I have always admired since the first time I used it on Galaxy Note 2 and I have written a post specifically on the same too last year or so. 
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
Let's talk about the common factors between the 2 smartphones other than the Android 10 version - Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

1. Advanced S-Pen which now has 9ms latency giving you more accuracy and responsiveness for all those things you wanted. Air Gestures are still there and 5 new Anywhere actions have been introduced like zig-zag movement etc which does make your life easy. 4096 pressure levels in the body of 3.04 grams and a pen tip diameter of 0.7mm only. 
2. Now you can take your notes to your Windows10 PC and laptop and can work anywhere on any device seamlessly. Also, the Samsung Notes app now syncs and saves your stuff automatically and even recognises your handwriting and makes it legible penmanship too. I have always liked this feature but I always retain my handwriting as it makes it personal rather than changing it to some font of your choice. 
3. Advanced Samsung Dex is now wireless and you don't need any cable to connect to a smart TV to wirelessly project there while you enjoy multitasking. 
4. Advance Pro Video settings which they mention is the same in both the camera despite Note 20 Ultra is capable to take 8k videos which are unseen in a smartphone till date. 
5. Front 10MP camera (Dual pixel AF f2.2) is similar in both the devices so for selfie loves it won't have much effect even if you choose the Note 20 smartphone. 
6. A new flagship colour of Mystic Bronze is available in both the models 
7. The 64-bit Octa-Core (7nm) 2.7GHZ processor is also similar across both the models which I may stand corrected as it depends on country and regions sometimes
8. 100+ Microsoft XBOX games on Galaxy Note 20 Series will be launched around 15 Sep using XBOX Game Pass Ultimate
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features
1. The first thing I noticed is the Flat 6.7-inch FHD+Super AMOLED Plus (393ppi) display which makes this smartphone different from the Edge displays smartphones Samsung has introduced since S6 or S7 I don't remember. 
2. Cameras on Samsung Note 20 are Ultra-Wide: 12MP f2.2; Wide-angle: 12MP Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS f1.8; Telephoto: 64MP f2.0 and as you know the camera quality is always good on Samsung cameras. 
3. 4300mAh battery
4. 8GB RAM with both 128GB and 256GB models are available
5. The overall weight of the body is 192-194 grams and dimensions are 75.2x161.6x8.3nm.
6. Other colours the smartphone is available in are Mystic Green and Mystic Gray
7. Samsung Note 20 LTE is priced at R24999 and 5G is R27999
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features - 
1. 6.9-inch edge Qhad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity-O Display (496ppi) with 120Hz refresh rate option too 
2. The camera on Samsung Note 20 Ultra is biggest - Ultra-Wide: 12MP f2.2; Wide-angle: 108MP PDAF, OIS f1.8; Telephoto: 12MP f3.0 along with Laser AF Sensor which I think can take away my DSLR and replace it with this smartphone only - only I wish so! 
3. 4500mAh battery
4. 12GB RAM with both 128/256GB internal storage models and the LTE model has 8GB RAM 
5. The overall weight of the body is 208 grams and dimensions are 77.2x164.6x8.1nm.
6. Other colours the smartphone is available in are Mystic Black and Mystic White
6. Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G is priced at R36999 and LTE version won't be introduced in South Africa. Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G models price difference is R9000 but comes with a lot of features that are not there in Note 20.
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
There are many more features which I can't tell without both being in my hands and I didn't spend the whole night at the Samsung Headoffice to capture the same but I am hopeful that I will get to review the device soon enough and then I will share more pictures on my Instagram channels. Thanks again to Samsung for inviting me and treating me like a king once again. It was a well-planned event under the strict guidelines of COVID-19 restrictions and everyone followed the same religiously. 
Getting Introduced to the #SamsungNote20Ultra at Virtual #SamsungEvent #Unpacked2020 @SamsungMobileSA
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