Saturday 8 August 2020

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2019 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

Hi Friends,

July 2020 marks the 40 years of my existence on the Planet Earth and what a time to celebrate the same with the family within the structure of not able to go anywhere, not able to invite someone, not able to get any gifts or so and everything you are doing is for yourself. I also took time to clean out all the old stuff from my own collections along with taking out more than 600 posts from my blog for all those brands who are not part of my life now or have given me no benefits in the past too. The process is still not complete and will continue in August and September till it's as fresh as Spring Clean. 

I could not do any of the blog posts during July 2020 as I got into a new project for Australia from South Africa and the time difference is too much. The coordination between the various team in three separate continents is taking up all the time I have. I kept thinking about all the posts I should do and can do but the energy levels kept me to cover the sleep I need to take to be fully awake for the job. Another aspect was that I am not earning any money from all this extra-curricular activity so the priority got reduced automatically though I am passionate about all the social media aspect and sharing my knowledge and skills. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2019 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
After taking out all the posts, ironically in the month of July 2019, only 1 post remains to belong to Prima Toys launch event which I really enjoyed. They always have a kind of annual event in the month of July as Christmas in Summers but this time they changed the name and invited us for a lavish lunch. 

@PrimaToys Launches #Fortnite #BattleRoyale Figurine Collection #PrimaToys #BringingTheFUN - I am not a Fortnite fan but I really loved the toys with all the details and the ability to replicate the video game in real life with these small figurines. Last I heard they became really popular amongst all the people who collect this kind of stuff. 

I kept thinking about whether to write this post or shall cancel the series altogether but then I thought that this is something which helps me connect the dots and also I shall start a new series to take you through all the recent courses, books and audiobooks I read and found valuable during the month. Soon I will start sharing about all those online courses I keep attending either on Youtube, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and SkillShare from time to time. 
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