Tuesday 7 May 2019

#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK 25Kms on 28th July 2019 - Planning #HuaweiHealth

Hi Friends, 

I have always wanted to be fully physically fit but never took any actions to become one or remain focussed after doing it for a day or two. When MTN Walk the Talk sent me a secret survey to ask about the 25kms and my reactions to the same, I was very much in favor of the same due to this year being 25 Years of Democracy in South Africa. I really thought for a while before registering myself for the 25 km race on 28th July 2019. I have done 15kms last year on 22nd July 2018 and the day was my birthday too but nothing before and after that. 

I took my faith in myself to the next level and registered myself for the 25km race and also enrolled for the SA Park and Ride because I am sure I won't be able to walk to the parking and drive the car myself. 
#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK 25Kms on 28th July 2019 - Planning #HuaweiHealth
I am out of luck on my Smartphone watch as it's on life's end which I got as a gift from my wife some 3 years back. I am trying to capture my weekly progress using @Huawei Health App on my Huawei P20 Pro smartphone and trying to win myself a Huawei Watch GT
#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK 25Kms on 28th July 2019 - Planning #HuaweiHealth
Here is the plan to be ready for 28th July 2019 and the logic behind all the 12 weeks to the same is - 
  1. Phase 1 - Build stamina to walk 15 km in a single go
  2. Phase 2 - Build stamina to walk 20 km in a single go
  3. Phase 3 - Build stamina to walk 25 km in a single go
  4. Each Phase is 4 weeks long
  5. Every Tuesday and Thursday will be my days to do a practice walk
  6. Every Saturday will be target walk which needs to be completed in one go
  7. There are some exceptions in the last week when Thursday plan is moved to Friday
These are the plans created thinking of a perfect world and happy path scenario's but I am looking at trying to match the same with real-world performance and writing some blog posts on the same. 

If you want to get registered, you are welcome to at http://www.walkthetalk.co.za/ and let's walk together! 

Contact me at thelifesway@gmail.com or editor@thelifesway.com to collaborate on your products, events, and services. #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra!