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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Is Your Car Battery Giving You Troubles? Checkout #BatteryCentre #Contest & #Giveaway!

Hi Friends, 

The battery is an essential part of the car’s life as oxygen is part of human life. I have faced the problem of pushing the car to get it started via friction but these days cars don’t work on that principle. New cars need all the items to be checked properly before they can even start. In India, I used to drive a car which could be pushed to get it going in case of emergencies but when I started driving Fiat 500 here, the same didn’t hold true on the same. I was on my way to the office when I faced this problem of the car not getting started and somehow used the slope of the parking to push the car to start. I didn’t stop the same till I reached the Astrotech Conference Centre in Parktown for a half day conference. I knew from the start that by the time I will finish at 1pm I won’t be able to start the car again. My biggest fear came true but somehow I had one of my friends with me dropping me in the parking who helped me push and directly I took it to car hire manager to replace the battery. I didn’t know where to buy the battery from and as the car was rental, everything was covered by the agency.
Is Your Car Battery Giving You Troubles? Checkout #BatteryCentre Contest & Giveaway!
Moving some years later to some days back, when I have bought my own car and as I went to a birthday party on Sunday night in Parkview, everything was fine but as I tried to start the car, it didn’t work out. It didn’t strike me that a car battery will be the problem because it didn’t show any sign of losing out on power earlier. Batteries are like a sweet little monster which grown heavily when you least expect the same. I was thinking that my car is still only 2 years old, how can the battery be gone? Anyhow, AA – Road Assistance was referred to me by my friends and restaurant owners who asked if the car is new, they will gladly assist. Being Sunday night I was a little skeptical but when I gave them the details, they came in around 1 hour and I could get into my car using jump start and reached home at 1120pm. Next day morning, I had to request AA – Road Assistance again to get to the nearest Battery Centre shop in Fourways Crossing. I had called them to inquire about the availability of the battery.
Is Your Car Battery Giving You Troubles? Checkout #BatteryCentre Contest & Giveaway!
As I reached the venue, I could find a clear parking spot and the person guided me to a battery changing station. He explained to me about the various batteries while checking the battery power left and soon he told me that it’s a dead battery and needs to be replaced. He told me the various options for my car and I chose to get the good powerful Energizer battery to go with my Honda car. He checked the brand new batteries from the shop’s store which was pre-charged to the limits. There was though a hitch as the person was not aware of the voucher print out I showed him and told that it’s only valid on local batteries and not international ones. But as we told him that there is nowhere written on the same, he contacted his manager over the phone and soon got approvals within seconds. I was walking out with a brand new battery and without paying even a single cent on the battery from the Fourways Battery Centre. My car is again ready to take on the road for at least 2 years because the warranty covers the same till that time. I am so grateful to Battery Centre for putting the soul into my car just like Iron Man has Arc Reactor in his chest.  
Is Your Car Battery Giving You Troubles? Checkout #BatteryCentre Contest & Giveaway!
Guys, If you want to win vouchers like me to get your car batteries replaced free of charge at Battery Centre branch anywhere in South Africa, follow my social media handles on twitter @thelifesway and follow Battery Centre on Facebook and tell me of the time when you faced problems with your battery or show me the current condition of your battery and 1 voucher will be in your inbox once I take out 3 winners on 12th May! Go for it!
Is Your Car Battery Giving You Troubles? Checkout #BatteryCentre Contest & Giveaway!
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